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Family/Household Personal Information Organizer/Manager

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I'm looking for an application which helps me organize a whole bunch of misc information which might fall into the category of "if I fall ill or die" such as:

* Personal details
* Health History
* Financial Infromation (account numbers, balances, urls, account access passwords, etc.)
* Safe Deposit boxes, info
* Safe Location/combo
* Insurance Policy Details
* Mortgage Details
* Ongoing Bills
* home asset inventory (pics, serials)
* Passwords
* Diary, wishes
I'm thinking the scope is simply too broad for any single software but I'd like to have everything in one place.  I suppose I can use something like MS OneNote (I have inventory already in Excel) but thought perhaps someone might know of something that might fit the bill.

Another fantastic idea.. Love to hear what people come up with here..
I think one thing to realize is that such a "program" or just folder structure, could be useful not just in organizing such material, but in reminding users what information they should make accessible.

In other words, i wonder if what would be best is simply a directory tree with some readme's in it, that a person could download and attempt to fill with info (files, images, etc)., and just tell your loved ones about it's existence.

An interesting thought....yes, I am mainly looking for an outline more than a program.  Perhaps it can be as simple as a "website" that exists not on the internet but rather on a local network.  That would of course be the most flexible in terms of layout and organization.  It would also allow for file attachments such as bills, scans of important docs, etc.  Even on a local network, any method that compiles such sensitive info would need to be secure (encryption and access control perhaps).

Yep, in fact we've talked in the past on the forum about local intranet/lan type web service that can help co-ordinate family information, contact info, activities.  It's a great subject.

This may be a useful document to start with ...

here is some of the contents

Document Locator SystemPeople usually keep their important records scattered in a variety of different places. Some may be kept in a file cabinet, others in a safety deposit box, while other vital information may be kept on file at out attorney’s office.With the use of The Document Locator System, you and your loved ones will be able to locate medical information, insurance papers, wills, and other important personal documents quickly and easily when the need arises.How To Use The Document Locator System Complete the questions on page 1, and any other items that may apply on the remaining pages. If any item does not apply to you mark the Not Applicablebox after the item to let the reader know that you did not forget to address the item.If you are married, this record should be kept in a secure location known to husband or wife. If you are not married, keep it in a location known to a close friend or relative. You should update this form once a year. It is a good idea to mark your calendar to ensure that you make updates at the same time each year, time tends to go by quickly! ©Think 2wice, Inc. 2004
Page 2
2Your Name: ____________________________ Date: __________ Spouses Name: ____________________________ Note the following important information in the event of your death: 1) I have written a personal letter to: _______________________________ This letter is located __________________________________________ 2) I have a living will: ___ Yes ___ No The following people have copies of this will: Name: ______________________ Phone: __________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ Name: ______________________ Phone: __________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ 3) I have made arrangements to donate the following organs for transplant: Organ: ______________________ Donate to: _______________ Organ: ______________________ Donate to: _______________ Please contact immediately in the event of death: Name: _______________________ Phone: __________________ Address: _____________________________________________________ Name: _______________________ Phone: __________________ Address: _____________________________________________________
Page 3
3Please indicate the location of the following items: LocationNot ApplicableSocial Security Cards Birth Certificates Adoption Certificates Marriage Certificate Divorce/Separation Papers Power of AttorneyLiving WillOriginal Will Passports Medical Records Military Records Personal
Page 4
4LocationNot ApplicableAuto/Vehicle Title Property DeedsPost Office BoxSafety Deposit Box Keys (house, car, etc.) Funeral/Burial Instructions Cemetery Plot Papers Personal Other
Page 5
5LocationNot ApplicableMedical Insurance Life Insurance Car/VehicleHomeowners/Rental Long Term Care DisabilityLocationNot ApplicableChecking Accounts Savings Accounts Credit Union Accounts Certificates of Deposit Mutual Funds Insurance Financial
Page 6
6Stocks & Bonds Money Market Accounts LocationNot Applicable401- K, IRA, (etc.)Pensions Social SecurityLocationNot ApplicableMortgageAuto/Vehicle Loans Personal LoansCredit Cards RetirementFinancial Liabilities
Page 7
7LocationNot ApplicableTax Returns & Records Year:Year:Year:Year:Year:Year:PhysiciansName: Phone: Name:Phone:Name:Phone:Name:Phone:ClergyName:Phone:AttorneyName:Phone:Name:Phone:Insurance Agents Name:Phone:Name:Phone:Stock Brokers Name:Phone:Name:Phone:Signature:Date:Signature:Update: Signature:Update:Signature: Update: Signature: Update: Signature: Update: *Please remember to update yearly and keep copy* ©Think 2wice, Inc. 2004Tax Returns & Records Important Names & Numbers


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