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IDEA: Auto-Tile open windows.

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BTW on a sidenote are there hotkeys for cascade windows, tile horizontally/vertically?
-justice (July 20, 2007, 01:48 AM)
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None in Windowz xp, not sure about vista.
I had a talk with jgpaiva a little while ago about tiling, and as he is far more educated in scripting then myself, we will see what he comes up with. :)


Actually, maybe you could post your script here, brett.

BTW.. why doesn't the rightclick taskbar-> title windows method not fit you, thefritz_j?

Two things wrong with the Task bar Context menu tiling.

There's only vertical and horizontal options, and you'd have to manually do it (two clicks) after each time you open a new window.  That's the "auto" part :)

I can see you asking for 'ignore certain applications' options and 'remove apps toolbars' options right after v1 lol basically the lack of screen space and the fact you won't want all applications minimized might be a problem? Don't know how' you'll use it like but it seems logical.

Ok... Let's see what you think about this.
Just unpack the attached zip, and run "AutoTile.exe". (or AutoTile.ahk, if you have autohotkeys installed).

added window height check and fixed misspelling


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