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IDEA: Auto-Tile open windows.

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Is something like what JennyB, is describing possible with GridMove?  :huh:

I like the auto tile that jgpaiva came up with because it doesn't use anything extra to make it work, just the internal Microsoft Windows tiling mechanism.  'course you have to live with the rules that they've set up, i.e. when you Tile Vertical, it starts tiling horizontal when there are more than three windows.  If you don't like that aspect, then, yeah maybe something else would fit the bill.

try moving the taskbar to the left hand side, make it wider, then make the background transparent (would need tool). then use auto-tile :) comes close i think.
-justice (August 31, 2007, 05:38 AM)
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Kinda, sorta. I do put the taskbar on the side when I have to use plain Windows, but I prefer to use bbLean as a shell, and that doesn't support the Windows tiling commands >:( Gridmove works though, and it has its own workspaces.  :-*


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