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IDEA: Auto-Tile open windows.

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Wow! it's BEEWTEEFULLLL!  :-*

Lemme try it for a day or so and I'll give you some feedback on it, sound like a plan?

Thanks again, I'm excited to try this!

I don't know if it's just me, but when ever I try to run your autotile program I get bombarded with the error Can't find script engine "JScript" for script "file location".

I extracted all three files into their own folder and it worked. 

What does the js file do anyway?

Oh damn... Do you get that error when you try to run the windowtitle.js included in the zip, nite_monkey?

That's a javascript file, but i supposed it was somehow installed on all windows instalations.

Does anyone know how this can be solved?

on my work pc the js file is opened by my html editor because that's the standard app to open js files. everytiem i start an app lol :) but i can see why.


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