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IDEA: Auto-Tile open windows.

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How about an app that would run in the systray and each time a window would open it would Auto-Tile, (auto fit) the new window with all of the currently open windows.  So with each new opened window all of the other windows are still visible, but smaller of course, and re-tiled so that they all fit the screen.

Probably the snarkiest part would be to decide which method to tile, ... here's a suggested tile-method order:

1 window =>  1x1 ( ;) maximized)
2 windows => 2x1 (two tiled windows across)
3 windows => 2x2 (one blank tile)
4 windows => 2x2
5 windows => 3x2 (one blank tile)
6 windows => 3x2
7 windows => 4x2 (widescreen monitors!, one blank tile)
8 windows => 4x2
9 windows =>  what??? you really have 9 windows open at once!!!  :huh:

I'd imagine the blank tile would just show the desktop below.

Good idea? Easy?

just asking, have you ever right clicked on the taskbar? if someone has, maybe you could get an idea of how to tile the windows that way.

BTW on a sidenote are there hotkeys for cascade windows, tile horizontally/vertically?
I guess it would be used more that way. I suggest the requester is looking for GridMove or is an featurerequest for GridMove?

Yeah, maybe this is a feature request for GridMove,... like "Auto-Fill grid positions with newly opened windows"?,
but what about increasing the number of positions to handle the number of open windows?  Is that still within the scope of Gridmove?

This has been talked as being a part of gridmove, but i thought it wouldn't be that good idea.
BUT, i'm going to do this coding snack, as long as you don't ask me to make it "smart", by generating grids when you go over 8 windows ;)


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