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Ah, I have finally gotten a totally automated version of Skrommel's awesome DelEmpty - I will add it into SystemCare. It is now 100% automatic, and will scan your entire C:\ drive for empty folders and delete them without interaction. Just watch the counter go by.
-wreckedcarzz (February 18, 2008, 01:30 AM)
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Isn't that kind of dangerous to do?  Seems like it wouldn't be a good idea for a novice computer user to go and delete empty folders.  What if its a special folder (like of the My folders) where a novice user wouldn't know how to rebuild it? 

I know you have clauses to CYA but giving a novice user the ability to do something they wouldn't know could be harmful and it ends up hurting their system the responsibility would fall back on you.

If you are going to have such a feature make sure there is a confirmation box that explains what will occur and gives them the ability to back out.

Actually, Skrommel did that - if it tries to delete a folder that Windows needs, it will throw an error letting the user know that it is needed and will not be deleted. I don't know if the error appears in my edited version (it shouldn't) but it will not delete the folder.

IMO is sounds dangerous...

If you want I could send you the AHK file any maybe your could make sure this is included/add something that does this? :tellme:

Skrommel uses a lot of code that I am just starting to understand, so I am not fully ... confident in myself to say that it is totally, 100% safe.

and will scan your entire C:\ drive for empty folders and delete them without interaction.
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i agree with veign -- this sounds like a very bad idea. likely to cause problems, and with no good reason to do it.
delempty is one of those specialty tools that should only be used by people who really know what they are doing.


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