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SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help

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EDIT: For anyone just reading this for the first time, you may want to go to the most recent posts to get a hold of what is going on. I still do over-the-internet computer repair/tuning, but this thread is mostly about my application that was (initially) designed to do the job for me, automatically. It has since turned into a full blown, all-in-one application for lots of daily computing needs.

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to announce that for the first time ever I am offering to help the general public over the internet with computer woes. Now I do know that most people on this forum are FAR ahead of me in the computer world. Most likely, many people won't take this offer. But I would like to offer to DC's new computer users or people that don't have the time, patience or desire to work on their computer, a chance to have someone do it for them (with user input, of course, but you don't work, just input what you want done and watch :)). Now I am not going to say I am going to be able to fix that 500 trojan, 6 pounds of spyware ridden hard drive that your mom/wife/kids installed, but I will try (and may succeed). I doubt that many people will trust a 14 year old with their computer over the internet, and that is fine, I have no problem with that (I know enough people who don't trust me with their PCs, but I know enough who do, so it balances well). I am not going to hack you or anything (I started a thread a while back on DC for a "super security program", and I have no desire to take any info/data or harm anything on anyone's PC). I can tune up your computer, clean it up, fix it, stop crashes, customize it for you, setup your wireless network (from start to finish), secure it, and more over the internet. For free! (A few credits wouldn't hurt, as I am looking at rebuilding my 5+ year old PC, but getting money is NOT the aim of this topic!) I use only freeware programs that I have tested, and I learn from trial and error on my personal computers, and will try NOTHING new on someone else's. I will work on Windows 95/98/98SE/2K/ME/XP/Vista and am fluent in them all. I have more experience then the Geek Squad (at least at all the Best Buy's I have visited) at fixing things, for reasons such as I don't reformat a hard drive for a video driver problem (and yes, it did happen ;D).

So please, give me a chance. It doesn't cost anything, and you watch the whole process on your monitor so you can direct what you want done. I have fixed computers for over 5+ years now in my house SOLO (I know the most in the family) so I am not saying things I cannot backup.
-Brandon Seal

Great! 8) 8)
I'm all for this! Except that I don't have the time right now.
Some preliminary questions:
1. Is it windows only or linux as well?
2. Will you be using one of the VNC variants from sourceforge or a Microsoft VNC product?
3. If I want my commercial business PC repaired online will that too be free? And no, I'm not going to ask for help in ensuring that I get a permanent crack for an illegit Windows XP install (for the record, my one and only windows PC is my business PC and its the electronic license backed up by a M$ CD $20 shipping  extra :tellme:  - the other one is a P1 166 Mhz snail and has ...guess what ..... FreeDOS + GEM !!)

And as far credibility goes, it says that you should be "thirteen years of age or above " - and, you have *five* years of hands-on fighting - that should jolly well suffice :) :)

PS: everyone, party time!! I reached a 100 posts!!


Hello there!
Answers to your questions:

1: I am currently only working remotely on Windows machines :( (sorry Linux users, I am not comfortable with Linux that much yet and do not want to harm your PC- better safe than sorry :)).

2: I use CrossLoop, a new free remote assistance program that encrypts all communication with 128 bit encryption. It is not hosted by SF but does use VNC.

3: I will work on any machine that is accessible via internet as long as it is permitted/you are the owner of it (ex: I will work on a PC from your workplace if you have confirmation that you may do so).

Even if you are AFK...
I am always willing to work on your PC if you are out running errands or something, I am not going to harm your computer (you could tell me your going to Wal-Mart and I would be glad to fix it up, and if you just wanted to make sure you could trust me you could say that your going out but your really just going to sit behind the computer and not do anything but watch).


I have a minor request for fixing - sent you a PM

This is an outstanding offer, Brandon!  :up:

My first question, though, may be to anyone:
Do you know if any of these programs may cause troble:

SnapSuite program family/Free online computer help ??

From day one I have had small but growing troubles with my new PC with XP_Home, OEM (no installation CD), Danish. I reinstalled the OS but the problems went on, and day by day even grew, as I installed more and more programs. So I was thinking it could be some hardware error, and ran an EVEREST Ultimate benchmark; but the test claimed the PC is okay. Yesterday I had the brilliant idea to exclude most programs from Start, and suddenly almost everything improved! Almost everything, but not everything, so I guess the roots of my problems with this PC could be a combination of multiple smaller problems.

One thing is that I now have to check all these programs one by one - and that may take 'forever' with at least half a hundred restarts - another thing is that I have very little idea about what the real problem is! "Explorer taking forever to open" may not be an error, but could be due to lack of memory, some may say. But the problems were present before I installed all these programs, only on a much smaller scale.

So to start somewhere, I am asking you to click the picture and study the programs and tell if you think any of these programs may be expected to be causing troubles?

I should tell that "IMJPMIG.EXE"  is MS-IME_2002 version 8.1.4202.0 by Microsoft - a dictionary tool.

Or maybe once again I am asking the wrong question? You tell me - please! :tellme:


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