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Alright, it is almost Thanksgiving here in the US - happy holidays everyone :)

I have setup a forum at my WikiDot site ( that I will try to keep maintained - no promises though. I have to setup a registration/login system still, but it [the forum] appears to be functioning and all that. It should include source code (I have been promising this for a while now), along with various sections to get help and for me to keep posting updates. Gotta love Web 2.0 :P

Visit the forum here: :D

EDIT: You can now sign up here:

FloorIt Beta 2 Update


Alright, I've been struggling to keep up in school and program while I continue my little gamer life. 24 hours in a day is not enough. However, there is still hope!

Background information, somewhat interesting:
SpoilerThe evolution of things is kind of strange... EasyFix, EasySuite, SmartSuite, SnapSuite, SystemCare, and FloorIt all have (not that you would want to use any but the last 3) computer maintenance functionality. Each one has its varying level of idiotic setup (FloorIt is the first of my software to use Smart Install Maker(!)), each handles things differently, and each tries to handle user input effectively.

I am by no means any type of "good" programmer. I have lots of people, both locally (neighborhood, college (dad's classmates), school) and online that look up to me and are amazed at what I do - it is very very nice and I enjoy being able to help someone. But my skills are mediocre compated to anyone of high stature - if mouser (or someone else whom programs frequently here at DC) were to look at my code, I would expect a large series of laughs and interesting feedback. Well, I am working HARD to change that.

I doubt most have noticed, but in my DC sig I have linked to my wiki - in the forum there I post old code (VB, AHK, Gambas). It is somewhat embarrassing to go through and see just how badly (or well) I was able to code jury rig things to work.

Currently, I am most likely going to postpone all program release dates and go through and properly finish each and every app before releasing them.

The first program to begin this new cycle is FloorIt 2 - FloorIt was a good program but it seemed too crampt and didn't give enough user feedback. It didn't "feel" like a true program. FloorIt 2 has a much improved interface, however the code base is just horrible (the old beta and current beta versions). I am doing major debugging, cleaning and improvement right now and it is much more efficient and clean than before, with all features intact (and even several improvements).

The next release will be available on my Wiki tomorrow - stable or not. As of right now, I am making final code changes to make it more programmer-friendly. Under quick testing, I can not yet find any more bugs (there were several in the last version).


Good grief, I am going to scream... I have spent the last 6 7 hours making an updater mechanism for FloorIt 2. My first fully working run JUST completed - I can see why people go insane now ;D

I figure I might as well give some information on how I set this up, as I managed to make it relatively simple for me to do:

I made 3 whole programs - one has been scrapped. Of the other two, one is the revised FI with the ability to update, and the other is called the "FloorIt 2 Update Manager". The update manager is something that only I (or, assuming I release code, any coder) will/can use to easily publish updates. It takes in information and sets it up in a text file (previously XML, that was a beach) and uploads it to the Mazecraze FTP server, where FI can download the data when checking for updates. I am going to work on making it compile new installers and more for me now, so I can stop worrying about installation files missing and stuff. It seems I left this on the Preview- I am done with the automatic setup routine now, and am testing it. If all goes well the new setup file will be available in just a few minutes (I will edit this post with the link).

Overall, it's a PITA, but I'm learning; slowly but surely.

FloorIt 2 will be uploaded (with/without update functionality, depends on how far I get this final portion complete) in a few hours minutes to


EDIT: Download the new version here, with support for updating and numerous bug fixes.

Alright, figured I should update this topic with some fresh info...

I have done my NANY program (updates to come, it isn't finished, but is completely usable as-is) MiniBrowseIE, however because I am just so nice (:P) I am not only re-doing my website to be more... not crappy, but am uploading just about all my code/projects for everything I have. Only a select few things were left out (mostly computer class stuff) - amongst the things are FloorIt 2's source code (!), FloorIt source code, SnapSuite 2009 source code (I'm not kidding here :tellme:), along with lots of other programs (both released and unreleased/personal apps). I do not think that any of them contain any code that is bad (I mean passwords/usernames - I have left out DownloadForever and UploadForever, along with Update Managers for FloorIt 2 & MiniBrowseIE because of this).

If you are someone I know (see and am familiar with) on the forum (Deozaan, Curt, etc - anyone that frequents the forum w/ a good post count), or anyone of authority (mouser, Carol, nudone, etc) and you, for whatever reason, want access at anything I haven't uploaded, your more than welcome to get it :)

If your wondering why I am posting all this info and free code: I love open source. For the end users, it is free software that has a large amount of programmers behind it, with lots of updates. For the programmers, you can find a program and help contribute to it, or take the source code and learn/build with it.

If you are going to make changes to anything I have uploaded, all that I ask is that you give me credit somewhere, and that you please send the updated code back to me - it helps me. I have TONS of dead projects on my hard drive because somewhere along the line I got stuck on X, Y or Z and just gave up. And if someone of greater knowledge can jump that hoop and then show me how they did, I can then apply that knowledge and possibly revive what would have been nothing more than dormant files.

Download. Code. Enjoy. Return.


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