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OK, email sent to CCleaner staff. Eagerly awaiting reply...

CleanUp! has a green light, via FAQ. See here:

JkDefrag is fine, via the GNU license. I may still send him an email telling him about it though.

WindowsCare support email sent, hoping that they will let me do this...

Just send off an email for NTREGOPT, lets hope that all goes well there as well.



Well I am not getting any email back, possibly because of the weekend/holiday, so I am going to go ahead and back up my current files and go to work assuming all systems are go.

Will update to let everyone know how it's going. :Thmbsup:


I have a fully working (NTREGOPT INTEGRATION UNTESTED) prototype utilizing all the programs, however I had to obtain an older, however smaller and single-exe (portable) version of Advanced WindowsCare.

As much as I want to distribute this, I am going to wait for email replies. The program is ready to go, with credit due and a disclaimer to any damage done by using any programs I do not make.

So far, it is looking good! :)


Ah, I have finally gotten a totally automated version of Skrommel's awesome DelEmpty - I will add it into SystemCare. It is now 100% automatic, and will scan your entire C:\ drive for empty folders and delete them without interaction. Just watch the counter go by.

(I was going to post a screenshot, but GridMove snapped the darn GUI into a huge window, so now it looks horrible...)

All there is in the GUI is "Counting - <Amount of files in current directory>" followed by "Deleting - <Number of folders>". Nothing more.

You can download my hacked version below as an individual download if you want, or you can wait for the next update.


EDIT: I will upload an improved version in the morning. For now the below will work just fine (there is just a GUI update).

EDIT 2: Get updated DelEmpty below :D

To my extreme surprise, I received 2 new emails regarding the licenses this morning. One from the CCleaner staff and one from the IObit staff.

Unfortunately the licence specifies that you are not allowed to
repackage CCleaner, or alter the installer.

--- End quote ---
That was kind of a shock, but then I opened the IObit email with less enthusiasm.

Thank you for taking the time in providing us with the information and we are very pleased to hear about your plan.
We allow and encourage all web sites, magazines, CD-ROM vendors and end-users to freely distribute our freeware and trial software. You already have our authorization for distributing our freeware and trial software.

We appreciate your support and attention of IObit, and we will keep up improving the product.

--- End quote ---
I about fell over. I was totally sure that they would say no. :o

So CCleaner will still need to be tediously installed, but WindowsCare will be ready-to-go on the next update. Now I just need a response from Steven Gould for CleanUp!


OH, before I forget, here is the updated SnapSuite DelEmpty :)


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