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Some thumbnails only show an icon

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Is anyone else seeing an issue in which some thumbnails on the left panel only show up as icons? I just updated to 4.36.2 but the problem remains. I don't believe (and can't find) a Preferences setting that might do this.

This may be a problem with windows itself not refreshing its thumbnail cache.  I remember this happening in the past and being fixed by a reboot.

Is there any chance that the number of thumbnails may have a practical limit? I have quite a few in the folder I use but this problem only appeared in the last month or so.

i dont think so, but in SC MoveTo menu at the bottom it will give you the option to let it file all your older screenshots in the thumbnail panel into subfolders based on date.

I go the same problem.
Sudently (I am not sure it happen at the same time I upgrade to v4.41.0)
SSC stop generating thumbnails
Some thumbnails only show an icon

Any suggestion (I rebooted but no change)


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