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Some thumbnails only show an icon

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do thumbnails show when you look at the same folder in Windows Explorer?
-tomos (March 31, 2021, 02:06 AM)
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Yeah, SC actually uses Windows Explorer for that panel

Hello there,
I see it well in the windows file explorer but I see it wrong in Screencaptor v4.36.2 also in the previous version. I updated but it didn't help, I cleared the icon cache but it didn't work either.

When I close Screencaptor I move the files from the windows explorer and reopen Screencaptor then it takes the thumbnails well, but if I take a screenshot the thumbnail does not appear in Screencaptor and if it appears in MS file explorer

I've verified that it's a Windows 10 icon cache issue. In Directory Opus the thumbs show properly, but in Windows Explorer they do not.
After running "ie4uinit.exe -show" to rebuild the cache (without rebooting) the thumbs showed properly in both Windows Explorer and Screenshot Captor (v4.41).

Thanks for letting us know the solution -- maybe I can add a command in SC to run this cache refresh..


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