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Google Translator Boomerang - Latest Version Info - v1.10.01 - Jan 8, 2015

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Google Translator Boomerang v1.10.01 - 1/8/15

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v1.10.01 - Jan 8, 2015

* BugFix - Google translate page protocol changed and stopped the program from working; fixed.
* Feature - You can now more easily check for updates from help menu.
v1.09.01 - Nov 8, 2010

* BugFix  - Updated to google's new method of returning multiple sentences in separate divs; previous version was truncating all but first sentence.
v1.07.01 - Aug 20, 2010

* Feature - You can now set starting/home language
* Added hints to options
* Added new advanced chaining option that doesnt always cycle through home language
* Added log of translations to debug panel
v1.06.01 - Feb 16, 2009

* + Feature - Added yet more languages from google
* - Added option to copy result to clipboard
* - Adeed option to not show original text in output
* - Added debug tab which shows each translation reply and post proc.
* - Added ability to Ctrl+A in memos to select all text
* + Bugfix  - Some text translations (esp. long ones) were being truncated
v1.05.01 - May 16, 2008

* Added many more languages from google translation service.
* Alphabetized languages
* Now saves+restores last text input
* Added option to reverse order of translation (last lang to first)
* Added updater support (check Help menu)


v1.04.01 - May 21, 2007

* * Bugfix - Updated for new google results format which broke previous ver.
v1.03.01 - Nov. 5, 2006

* * Bugfix - Updated for new google results format which broke previous ver.
* * Bugfix - Was previously chopping off last letter when html chars found.
* + Minor Feature - Improved display of results (shows original text)
* + Minor Feature - Improved form text reminds user to type in english
v1.02.01 - May 5, 2006

* Updated for new google translation page changes which broke previous version.
* Added cancellation button.
* Added support for special html characters that were truncating some translations(!).
* Added support for Arabic, Korean, Japanese.
* Added full configuration of language combinations.
* Added full customization of loopcounts and step reporting.
* Added pause interval option to avoid google rejections.

Carol Haynes:
I had completely forgotten how funny this could be! Thanks for getting it working again.

I have been listening on BBC Radio 4 to the Reith Lectures (very good they were too - especially the last one). If you are interested then you can hear them all at

For fun I translated the brief summary of the fifth lecture via ten cycles of German and it comes out as:

Music Barenboim showed the fact that it gives and a new journey for our politics strength would know a fundamental difference between the energy, illustrated those.
--- End quote ---

See if you can guess what it meant ... and check by clicking hereMusic has shown Barenboim that there is a fundamental difference between power and strength which could map a new journey for our politics.

Actually it can be useful to use Google translation - how about making boomerang a useful app by allowing users to have a one way translate option too and also expand the interface to have source and destination languages so that people who don't speak English can enjoy the joke?

not a bad idea carol, i will add foreign language starting language, but im not sure it makes sense to make this into a real tranlator - surely there are better tools for that.

Carol Haynes:
True - but a lot of people go to Google or AltaVista for a quick and dirty translation - it would be handy to have it available as a quick desktop tool to click. How about adding other engines (like BabelFish etc. but be aware that a lot of these pages actually use Systrans and so don't generate different translations) and allowing people to at least see the translated version?

Carol Haynes:
Here is another funny ... I really like this one.

I tried to be kind - one short (relatively easy) sentence in English, boomeranged just once to see if any of the translation could be close to accurate.

See if you can guess what I tried to say and which language it was boomeranged through:

Me the hemp cloth for the breakfast [khen] with ate the egg.
--- End quote ---

Started life as thisI had bacon and eggs for breakfast

and was boomeranged through



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