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Google Translator Boomerang - Latest Version Info - v1.10.01 - Jan 8, 2015

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New version uploaded, should be fixed. Let me know.

Hi.  I like your program - and the new features!   :Thmbsup:  After downloading the newest edition, I ran into an issue that others may or may not be experiencing:

It won't translate after the first period (and sometimes will stop after a comma)?  For example, if there are two sentences, it only does the first sentence, or if I ask it to translate "Hi. How are you?"  It will stop after the word "hi."

Thanks for this program; it's been quite useful to me.

thanks sheyth,  i'll look into it.. probably something silly i'm doing wrong when forming the request or stripping the reply returned by google.

Should now be fixed in new version just uploaded -- let me know.

4 years after last release, a new minor update:
v1.10.01 - Jan 8, 2015

* BugFix - Google translate page protocol changed and stopped the program from working; fixed.
* Feature - You can now more easily check for updates from help menu.


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