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Google Translator Boomerang - Latest Version Info - v1.10.01 - Jan 8, 2015

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Spoiler"good morning"

converts through all languages to:


Heh! Mouser, yours might be true on Mondays. ;)  But I still can't figure out how Carol came up with "the hemp cloth". (Isn't that something like burlap?)

Updated to work with new google changes and some other minor fixes.  Enjoy.

Okay, I had to try it again since it's been awhile.  :D

If that takes your lamp, is the attaching screw that rearranged?
--- End quote ---

The phrase started its life as a more normal questionHow many lawyers does it take to screw in a light bulb?
...and was boomeranged through German, French & Japanese (2 loops). It then became totally insane after a single loop through all the languages:
ZOWIESheep Borgi bulbs to a large number of lawyers? ;D

Mouser, I don't see "reset after each" in the help file -- what's it do?

if my memory serves me correctly, and it rarely does, "reset after each" basically starts the text back to it's original after each language, so basically its the same as running the tranlsator several times, once for each language (rather than chaining a translation through them all).


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