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CCleaner Or Not?

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Paul Keith:
For unnecessary files, I too find Revo to be the best because of it's multiple settings. It's a bit slow because of trying to detect these additional files though but I haven't found anything better out there.

I use a combination of Revo Uninstaller for uninstalling Apps, and CCleaner for daily cleaning of garbage. CCleaner is highly customizable, but I use it in the default mode, and it is much more effective than the Windows disk cleaner, and much faster. It does have a registry cleaning function as well.

if you are removing just an entry in Add-Remove list, then Nirsoft's MyUninstaller would be handy.

Hello all:
Firstly, my apologies for my delayed reply; it's been hectic as all hell at this end. I take all of your suggestions as pure gold. I've come to trust all those here at DonationCoder. I know you wouldn't steer me in the wrong direction. So I'm going to sift through all of the suggestions and take action. I just can't stand my Add/Remove list to be untidy. :)

Again, thank you all.

Kind Regards,
Daniel In Tulsa

If you are going to use CCleaner then yoiu should consider going to the 'Other Builds' download page:
-mwb1100 (September 23, 2008, 01:05 AM)
--- End quote ---

I would also suggest going here and either download, (need to register), or copy/paste out of the code box.

It will add a lot more programs to the list that CCleaner can do.


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