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CCleaner Or Not?

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Hello all:
I'm needing to remove an entry on my Add/Remove Programs list that just won't go away no matter how many times I "uninstall" it. I found CCleaner ( as a possible freeware utility to remove it from the registry. Is this a good idea or not? Is there something better out there? I don't want to fiddle with my registry any more than I'd have to. CCleaner also touts to be able to remove unnecessary files, which I would like, but I'm nervous about doing things like this.

Any help, suggestions, etc are much appreciated.

Kind Regards,
Daniel In Tulsa

All you need to know is @  ;)

RevoUninstaller - It'll also try to remove any files or registry entries left by the program.

i dont know about that particular function in ccleaner, but it is a good program.

If you are going to use CCleaner then yoiu should consider going to the 'Other Builds' download page:

The normal CCleaner installer includes the Yahoo Toolbar (although the toolbar installation is optional).  The Portable or Slim builds do not.


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