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CCleaner Or Not?

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Well folks, I've sifted through the various programs and have decided to use CCleaner. I like that it is freeware and that it has scads of options. I'm not saying that the rest are crap; I just find CCleaner simple and easy to use. I'm pretty nimble with certain aspects of my PC, but things like this, such as messing with the registry, I need a program to metaphorically hold my hand.

I thank you all for your input. You folks are a wonderful, and trustworthy group. You rock!

Thanks again...

Kind Regards,
Daniel In Tulsa

Thanks 4wd. There is a direct link on that page though that does not require registration to access.


Myuninstaller may be a good choice for you, CCleaner is another function..

I've found that if I use CCleaner, it tends to remove some registry entries that I don't want to, primarily my license for IDM. This itself isn't really an issue as CCleaner offers you to chance to ignore it, but when I'm in a hurry, I tend to just hit apply to all.

actually, there is a tiny application for removing left-over uninstall information from registry



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