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CCleaner Or Not?

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Sometimes the best way to uninstall an app is to REINSTALL it first. This will recreate the uninstall information that other cleaners (or manual attempts at removal) sometimes erase. You can then easily uninstall it through the Windows Add/Remove tool (Start->Run appwiz.cpl).

Note that this may not work unless you have the original install files (setup) for the same version as currently installed. Trying to install a later version may be disallowed without uninstalling the old one, which is the problem you're having. That's why I like to archive my install software to DVD after I upgrade to later versions, at least for the most important apps.

This won't always save you - I still have some machines on my network at the office that have old installations that can't be removed due to missing uninstall info. One of these is Windows Defender -- when the uninstall info was wiped it won't even allow itself to be reinstalled on top of itself, rendering this tip useless in this case. Fortunately it can be effectively disabled, since we're using another security app that makes Defender redundant.

ceemeister is quite right, and it's a good trick to be aware of   :up:

especially if you accidentally delete some of the files manually, or use a 3rd party removal tool that doesn't remove all of the junk.  in these cases often the best thing to do is reinstall the program, then remove it using the add/remove control panel.

So, Capture, did you ever get this issue resolved? Let us know how you made out and what you've tried that either did or did not work.

I like CCleaner for most things, but I have found on a couple of occasions that it deletes my Palm USB driver.  Which forces me to uninstall/re-install the Hotsync software.  Anyone else see this?


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