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White Smoke 70% off

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Yes, bad comments only; this is clearly not the full program but merely the "enrichment" part.

they are creating bad publicity for themselves by throwing in a sub-standard just to be noticed. i wonder if the full version is vastly superior to this.. :-\

i wonder if the full version is vastly superior to this.. -lanux128 (January 11, 2008, 09:21 AM)
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Oh yes it is (I have it, which is why I didn't check the iGoogle version before telling about it). But it is also at a quite different price...

the price is quite a stumbling block but i'll be keeping an eye on this program.. :)

You just keep an eye - in a distance... White Smoke is a little too intrusive, meaning that I seldom agree with the suggestions it comes up with - and this to such a degree that I have removed it from start!

BTW: most of the commenters on GAOTD did not understand the purpose of White Smoke - it is not a spell-checker, regardsless of what the ads might be saying.


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