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White Smoke 70% off

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typical whitesmoke trick:

once after they upgrade the version they will stop your lifetime user ID for the current version and persuade you to buy new version with a 50% discount. they argue with you some more. >:(

happened to me twice.

I wonder if their email offer 11-11 is with or without humour:

WhiteSmoke is happy to celebrate the huge Chinese e-commerce celebration that is Singles Day! We're offering an insane 75% discount – upgrade to WhiteSmoke Writer Expert Lifetime for  $111! Our latest version includes the following features and much more:

New Integrated Plagiarism Checker!
New Video Portal full of instructional English videos to help you improve your confidence in your English writing and speech.
Expanded explanations about errors to help you learn from your mistakes.

* Added hundreds of new errors which are now detected.
What are you waiting for? This price is only valid until the end of the day! GET IT NOW!-WhiteSmoke 11-11
--- End quote ---

I had used White Smoke for proofreading computer science reports when I was a student... Glad to learn that there's a special offer now, I am planning to pick it up again.  ;D


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