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White Smoke 70% off

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i was given a license, kk whitesmoke works pretty well.
but how is their credibility? i wonder cuze they sure have a lot of fixed/variable offers.

ie: "offer ends" "899 -> 125" "+3 extra licenses"

etc etc

so with the first purchase you now upgraded for $100.00, your first purchase excl? total?
and maybe next year it's the extended executive writing version being offered at special price.

, but you never know... Be sure to chat!
-Curt (December 14, 2010, 04:52 PM)
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-and today, making it $50 (instead of $100):

Thank you for your email.

We have refunded 50% of you purchase price.

WhiteSmoke Billing Department-email from WhiteSmoke
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..., and it's very interesting that they do not even have a trial or anything to try before you buy.-ropt (July 20, 2009, 09:08 PM)
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Trial Version

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Besides, WGrammar hasn't been updated for more than 4 years. MAYBE WhiteSmoke purchased a license? Well, I don't know, because I didn't care to check your accusations, for the simple reason that WhiteSmoke is being constantly updated and improved, and WGrammar is not.

Hey Curt:

Not questioning your opinion of the product or your satusfaction with WhiteSmoke.

But I've become incredibly skeptical of "lifetime" licenses. Because there is no generally understood legal definition of what constitutes a product's lifetime. Is it: Yours? Theirs? The OS version it's currently running on? Until they decide to rename their product, pretend it's something totally new, and discontinue the "old" one along with its lifetime license? This last one is an increasingly popular dodge.

Is this illegal? No. Because, right now, it's pretty much up to the company that offered the deal to say how it works.

I've seen enough people get burned on upgrade terms in the last few years (often by otherwise reputable companies) that I have trouble believing in any "lifetime" licensing deal.

Wishing you the best. And very much hoping I'm completely wrong being so skeptical.  :)

Not questioning your opinion of the product or your satisfaction with WhiteSmoke. -40hz (December 19, 2010, 07:26 PM)
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I don't like WhiteSmoke that much, in fact I don't use it. WhiteSmoke is acting as if A$hampoo is their idol, which pretty much is bad... but as it is with Ashampoo, there are things disappointing you, but in all the bill seems acceptable. For 3 years I have been upgrading WhiteSmoke major versions, and was getting mildly annoyed with the expense, but now I finally have a so-called lifetime license key for the program, and I don't think it was too expensive... Take that, Ashampoo! Regarding WhiteSmoke's methods, well, I assume the people behind WhiteSmoke are Russians... even if their address is in America... You may take it from there/here...


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