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White Smoke 70% off

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I notice that there are several 1 and 2 posters (that post only in this thread) that tout the quality of WhiteSmoke...

Things that make you go 'hmmm...'

Mark L.:
Not sure what you are all discussing above.  I have purchased and downloaded the software, and am enjoying the results I am seeing. Correct spelling, enhanced sentences, corrected grammar and lots of tips on English and lessons. The templates that are built in are useful and easy to use.
I just love the program and use it all the time, by pressing the F2 button. So easy.

Can we lock this thread?  And move it to the spammers forum?  (I know- circumstantial evidence.  But really...)

hi there,

White Smoke == WinterTree Grammar checker and WinterTree spell checker.

the filenames are the same as if you downloaded from WinterTree's website.

I can defend above the statement above because I have a friend who has
WhiteSmoke, and it's very interesting that they do not even have a trial or
anything to try before you buy.

also, if you right click and see version properties on WhiteSmoke's files,
they are WinterTree grammar checker files.

URL is:

Today I was offered to upgrade to version 2011. When following the link, I was made a new and even better offer: The entire package ("Executive") for $139, normal price $299. However, that is usually for a "year-model" version; this offer was for a lifetime key! I clicked 'buy' and waited at their store (I have come to know these people!), and, yes, after a while, a "real-time chat" box came up and asked if they could help me. I bargained, and now I have a lifetime license for the entire enchilada, for $100!!! I am so happy, never again will I have to pay for these microscopic improvements they add, in order to make you purchase an upgrade, in the best worst Ashampoo style ;-)

My offer ends 15/12/2010, but you never know... Be sure to chat!

Executive Writing Version 2011 (Life Time!)  The WhiteSmoke Executive Writing Version is for the corporate business or management professional who needs a whole suite of professional writing tools for quick and accurate document creation. With the most advanced grammar, spelling and punctuation correction available, and a text enrichment engin. The Complete package of WhiteSmoke Software, includes all writing profiles: General, Business, Creative, Medical, Legal, Hi Tech and the Multi Lingual Dictionary and Translator. Bonus - 600 prepared templates for any writing style.
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