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Huh. Me too.
maybe its the widget build version that's the prob? There were changes made.

Strange.  What build are you using?  I'll probably just stick to having a minimized pandora window ;)

Ack, correction, still having problems -- can you click the drop down arrow to edit a station? (Under "Your Stations") ? For me, it blinks -- doesn't keep focus, can't click it.  And I'm still seeing a lot of visual problems . . . I wonder if that's an Opera widget implementation shortcoming or the widget author . . .
Yep, it works for me just fine

At item 6 it has:
6.1 Novel Program Launcher Delivers the Goods
Look at any user's desktop and there's a good chance you will see it littered with shortcuts to commonly used programs. That's fine but if you have too many it can take quite a while to find what you want.

Many folks address this problem by using an application launcher. Commonly these employ a dockable toolbar containing shortcuts to various programs on the PC. The toolbar can usually be hidden so it doesn't take up desktop space.

I've never been keen on these things as often they achieve little more than what's available from the Windows Start menu.

However, I've found an application launcher that actually really works. It's called Find&Run Robot....

Two good mentions!! :)

Following on from the disposable email addresses (veering OT I spose), here are links to a list of disposable email services: and

I've been a long time user of spamgourmet but recently have started using for one time use addresses. It allows to just make any email address on the spot - eg [email protected] and then email is retrieved from  The email is only retained for a limited time, and if someone else happened to choose junk4me besides you there'd be a problem, but within those limitations it works very well, with no prior planning required.

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