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hear hear Hirudin! What a dopey idea saying they're leaving out emusic because of independents.
Why not say they're leaving it out because their music:cr*p ratio is so high compared to the others?
One point for allofmp3 is that you can hear COMPLETE tracks before you buy - a seriously good thing.

Carol mentioned about helping out a local museum in regard to Object VR. Made the point that they are not really computer literate and she didn't have access to their web server.
Made me wonder whether we could offer some DC web space, funded by credits, to groups deemed worthy of a bit of support if there's some sort of connection to a DC member as in the example just quoted. Needn't be for a whole website, but as in the example, could just have a specialized bit of stuff.

It would be a community service, it should be low bandwidth and it could have subtle DC branding.

A list of objections re practicality would probably take me too long to type - treat this as a KIV sort of idea worth considering

Carol, this sorta looks promising:
QuickTime. What a cool idea for internet media delivery. Movies and Object VR are two of the best features of this great package from Apple. Great, that is, until you need to download QuickTime to view media. For the PC this means 5.8 to 11Mb for QuickTime version 6.4. And the codecs (the actual movie compression and decompression programs) can vary from PC to Mac. What about AVI format for Windows Media Player? No ? same problem, and no Object VR. What is a developer to do? has a free java applet - example at - don't know if its just me, but it seems slow to load.

Can't speak for the quality of the output, but here's stuff Ive come across: ($29)

would that $500 include plane tickets too? :huh:

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