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Living Room / Re: A personal note about DonationCredits
« on: April 06, 2006, 04:02 AM »
this is such a neat idea!!!

Did you look at ?
(you may have because its associated with 37 signals/basecamp)

the 'create linked window' functions sounds similar to what tablane does but i thought that all current tabbed browsers allowed tiling/cascading of pages/panes/windows (whatever they should be called).

this may be just an aesthetic thing but the way tablane works is to automatically resize the 'lanes' so that there is no 'dead' space within the window - each 'lane' fits tight against each other. to me, this 'feels' better as it's self adjusting and doesn't require you to keep messing about resizing windows to fit nicely on the screen.

That used to be called tiling (either vertically or horizontally, which opera DID have. It ALSO used to let you have all sorts of odd sizes as "laning"/tiling.  Plus you didn't need to drag/drop, you just clicked as normal and voila, new page in linked window.

Opera was way, way ahead of its time and lots of "new" features around today are in fact OLD opera features.

How about the old Operas (eg v5) which would let you create new windows which could be tiled or cascaded within Opera?
You could create a "linked window" (or windows) to show the url you clicked on in an originating window.
Don't know if its still possible or not - would like to know.

As an aside, I had to install an old opera to get the screenshot below, which gave me a chance to use the Altiris Virtualization Software :):)
Thanks to whoever it was posted about that!!

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