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Living Room / Re: Happy birthday Carol H.
« on: April 10, 2006, 05:23 PM »
Hey, have a bloody good simply spiffing birthday Carol -(sorry about that word!! :))
Don't spend it all down the museum photographing one of Drake's balls.

thats whyI dont like ratios - and Im a maths teacher!:)

Why not say they're leaving it out because their music:cr*p ratio is so high compared to the others?

I wouldn't quite phrase it that way.  I'd just say their mainstream to obscure taste ratio is incredibly low.

They have an incredibly high quality database, it just happens to be a very diverse database --
I think what I was trying to say was that their proportion of quality music is much higher than a lot of other places. (hence high music:cr*p ratio)

I do think there is a valid concept of "quality" as applied to music, much as there is for other forms of art.

Interview with allofmp3 content manager at

Museekster: Are artists compensated for the downloads and how does this work in Russia?

Allofmp3: We pay monthly deductions to ROMS. The distribution of the royalties to the authors fully depends on ROMS. ROMS (as well as RAO) distributes the royalties based on sales amount.

Sounds like he's either lying/misinformed or royalties are distributed, in which case they wouldn't seem to be a problem.

How about pixvue at if you want a lightweight organizational tool? (tho the requirements say 20 mb free needed)
Seems to be just a "tagger" coping with exif,iptc and xmp - ie no edit tools built in. I like the simpleness.
The retro aspect would be a bit of a worry - having to tag your whole photo collection manually after the installation.
Having said that, I'm not using it - I'm an IMatch person.

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