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 FF used to let you do that but version 75 won't allow that anymore.

I'm trying to print and/or save 2 sites WYSIWYP (ex. like making an exact copy of how a Web site looks).

PDF loses formatting.
I don't have nor use IE.

I can't download and install any addition to the 2 browsers we must use - Chrome and The Edge.

I have Brave on my laptop but no one seems to know how to make  it WYSIWYP.

Thank you for your thoughts/suggestions.

Hi All,

I just tried copying/pasting the whole web page into clipboard but I must have something askew.

After Shift/F2, I typed in (w/o quotes or parens) "screenshot(sp)--fullpage(sp) clipboard"
but it doesn't seem to copy/paste anything.

I can do the screenshot of just what's on screen (not the whole web page) by typing in "screenshot(sp)--clipboard"

Thanks so much!


No, I kept the Detroit Tigers folder with the space but I could never find that copy of the png.

So, I just retried capturing but instead of copying to the Detroit Tigers folder I just copied to the one word Baseball folder and that worked.

Maybe I have to just make peace with copying content to one word Windows folders or to the clipboard and then paste that into the two word folder?

Thank you!

Here's something I've noticed.

If in that command bar I type screenshot -- C:\\Sports\\Detroit Tigers (as a folder) it deplores that space between the ending "t" in Detroit and the beginning "T" in Tigers.

If I then try, C:\\Sports\\DetroitTigers\\hits (with hits as the new name for the new content captured on a Web site it seems to copy it but I can't find it anywhere on the hard drive even after doing a full Windows search of the entire hard drive for anything created since yesterday through today.

However, If I then try, C:\\Sports\\Baseball\\hits - it copies it to the Baseball sub-folder where I can find it easily.

So, I wonder if it just doesn't like 2 worded Windows sub-folders?

It has problems saving to a 2 worded sub-folder but not a one word sub-folder


Thank you so much!

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