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Hi Mouser,

Thank you ever so much for replying!

I have Firefox version 24.

Someone mentioned an extension called "Scrapbook" and then "Scrapbook Plus"

I downloaded and installed both but I get pop up menu with all sorts of options - some already have check marks next to them and the default save folder is the Root Folder - which I'm guessing is the C drive - the root directory?

Might you have any ideas you cna please share about what options I should check/un-check using Scrapbook?

Also, how does one scroll to capture web page content using Scrapbook?

Unless, you have found a better FF extension or add-on?

Thank you so much again for all your kind help,.


I'm a newbie.

I just downloaded the program and I'm not sure how to scroll down so I can save all the content I see on a web page beyond just the first screen which could be saved with print screen?

Once I've captured all that content, how do I save all that as a jpg? Tiff? PDF?

Thanks so much!

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