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If I type C:Photos\filenamehere it says "Can't use.

If I place a space in between the : and Photos - C: Photos\filenamehere - it says Too many arguments.

I just tried typing in screenshot--C:\Photos\filenamehere and it says it doesn't recognize screenshot.

I then backspaced the word screenshot out and left C:\Photos\filenamehere and pressed Return but nothing happens.


I just tried screenshot --clipboard and that works well.

When I type in (without quotes) C:\ or c: it says it can't recognize that so I'm not sure how users could designate a certain folder each time they did a screenshot capture. Ex. C:\Photos, then the next screen capture C:\Pets, etc.

I may have to just use the clipboard.

Thanks so much.

Hi Hamradio,

I typed in help screenshot in that command bar which appears when you press Shift/F2 in FF but I didn't see exactly who I control where the copied screenshot can be saved - even to clipboard so I could open it in Paint and then save it to a folder I select at that time.

I was interested in ....

One - saving the captured content to a specific folder while using the Shift/F2 function (so it's not automatic once I press the Return key but rather so I can instead choose which folder in Windows I want the content saved to and ...

Two - how I can save the captured content to clipboard and then open Paint to save it in a different format than .png and to a folder of my choice at that time.

This is such a great way of saving content so I very much appreciate all your help.

Worked perfectly just typing in ...screenshot.

Thank you again for all your kind and much appreciated help.

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