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Hi Ham Radio,

I was wondering what I would type in, using your ingenious FF technique, in FF to just capture a screen shot of what I see on a website using FF?

Instead of typing in ... screenshot --fullpage ...would I type in screenshot --just this screen?

Thank you so much!


Works perfectly!

Again, thank you ever so very much for all your kind help.


Is there a setting which can be changed so I can direct where I want the web page png file saved?

Ex. in FF under Options > Downloads I have it set to always ask me where I want the file to be saved.

I didn't see in the web developer toolbar or options where I could set it to prompt me where I wanted a web page captured as a png to be saved.

Does it have that flexibility?

Thanks so much.

Hey Hamradio,

You're a genius!!

I just followed your suggestion - screenshot --fullpage and sure enough it copied the whole page and saved it.

Do you know of any way to tell FF which folder to save the png file in?

Or does it have to save it to a particular folder every time?

Thanks you ever so very much!!

Hey Hamradio,

I think you're on to something!

In my FF version 24 I can select Tools>Web Developer>Developer Toolbar (you're correct it is also Shift/F2).

I've never used this function so I kinda' get lost after that.

There's a command-type prompt which appears at the bottom of the screen with all sorts of things.

I'm not sure what my next step is after laughing the developer toolbar?

I'm not clear on how to get to screenshot yourfilename.png --fullpage?

I'm also not sure how to ...screenshot --clipboard --fullpage?

I can press the PrntScreen button on my keyboard but I don't think that will grab the whole webpage as I scroll down, or can it?

Also, how do I reach screenshot?

Thank you ever so much!

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