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General Software Discussion / email clients - special limited use
« on: January 28, 2019, 07:08 AM »
Currently I am using:

TheBat! on Windows 10 as my main email.  I have some mixed feelings, but overall it is OK.
Eudora has its own historic 50 GB archive that I use for searching.

However, these are a bit cumbersome for Biz usage, so many accounts, forum email etc.

Yes, I think you can run two instances of these programs with different target files, but I usually avoid that.

So now I am putting my biz email in a special redundant spot (using Gmail forwarding and filtering/forwarding) for POP download:
To have a special ultra-light Biz email spot on my Windows Puter client.

POP Email spot - paying a few dollars a month is fine, e.g.
.............................Fastmail, Runbox, Zoho, Posteo. 10 more

Fastmail, often the leader, surprised me with an App Password which felt clunky and I could not get it set up easily with Claws or EmClient
Runbox set up right away. it looks like a special might give me two yeas of Basic for about $35.

Since this is a POP download box, daily, hourly, es suficiente.


Client -
..........................Claws, EmClient, Mailbird, Postbox, Thunderbird, Becky, Foxmail, Pegasus, Barca(Poco)

The Email program should still be developed, and have nice RTF-HTML editing, stable, decent filtering and searching, and it would be nice if it had virtual folders (as TheBat! has but Eudora does not). Forums like that available on TheBat! and Eudora are helpful. Oh, decent on flexible spoofing or reply:to capability.

Claws does not seem to have RTF editing, not even with a plug-in, at least on the new Windows version.


Your thoughts. Especially on the Windows email client.

Well, I do have a Linux system coming in tonight ($30 Craigslist special, 6GB, Linux Mint 18).

General Software Discussion / offline browsing - archiving
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:31 AM »
My vBulletin forum , that I use mostly as a blog, has a glitch, pages changing to white no data occasionally. 

PhP error, likely, according to the vBulletin forum, where they are helping the analysis.

My plans are to consider a change of forum software, but that is really based on other considerations. Xenforo has made a big splash, and there is another I am checking out.  One good thing on vBulletin is that after my initial expense of a couple of hundred many years back, they have had virtually no additional expense. (I have skipped the upgrade to 5 anyway.)

Part of my solution was having the host (Liquid Web) give me an earlier version, I get the data of the one page, source, send it to some notes, and then put the regular MYSQL data back.  Something I should learn to do myself.  And that is working fine.


In the midst of all that I figured this would be a superb time to really see if the website can be handled well by an offline browser.  I decided to try two that are free with decent reputations and reasonably active:

HttTrack -

CyoTech WebCopy -


These things can be SLOW.

HttTrack has done 1 1/3 Gigabtye in about 13 hours.   My guess is that it is halfway done.
Cyotek seems similar.

Hmm.. I usually ignore multi-threaded download accelerators, they might help here.

Of course, this is something I might do once a month or two, unattended, so speed is not that important.

Your thoughts on the motif, tools, speed alternatives?

If I have an offline browser on my disk (the software changes all the urls to disk locations), and I have a website glitch on a single page/thread, I will not have to bother upstairs with the host. I could simply go to a functioning earlier version of that page, and in 10 minutes, rebuild it as a new thread. (The url will change, no big deal.)


Found Deals and Discounts / PDF Studio 2018
« on: December 05, 2018, 08:25 AM »
Bits du Jour

PDF Studio 2018: All-in-one PDF software

The comments are generally quite favorable.
OCR is included. 

And I picked up SodaPDF on a recent Bits, however they do not include OCR in the Desktop version.
I do have Abbyy Finereader 12, which does have OCR.

Anyway, this may be one of the better $60 on sale Desktop PDF programs, which is a cluttered field.

Not too long ago, this was done by Chrome very elegantly.  You could create a shortcut, pin it to the taskbar, and make sure "open as window" was checked. And I would pin all sorts of stuff, like Lastpass, Protopage, Facebook and Messenger and Linoit and much more.  Stuff that I don't want to be thinking .. which browser, which window, which tab.  It is that way on my Desktop Windows 10, because I did it many months back on earlier Chrome versions. (Which makes me wonder about finding the right version and loading it for just that purpose, if possible.)

This is especially important for something like Lastpass, where the browser might close on a simple minimize, and you might have to reenter passwords. Also you want to get to it especially quickly, because you are checking something about a sites password other info. (Yes, the extensions for various browsers are supposed to help with that, but they are quirky.)

I read many articles, Google Chrome lost the feature, back and forth, up and down. 

Microsoft Edge has an "almost". It pins to taslbar and opens to the browser (not in its own window.)  And e.g.with Lastpass minimizing closes the Vault (a Lastpass "feature".) 

Still this might be the best way, since I don't use Edge for anything else.  Maybe if I just use it as my "Pinned Program" browser, I can regain some functionality?

Any ideas?




May be a way to diversify from Teamviewer.  Both have a free option, some comparisons in order.

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