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General Software Discussion / the power of Linkman
« on: July 20, 2019, 07:23 AM »
This was meant as a reply to Cyberdiva on another thread.

Pale Moon as my browser due to the wonderful extensions

However, let's keep it as its own. This has been by far the most valuable program I have used, without any real comparable alternative, imho.


Linkman gives full support.  And they are pretty robust in having a number of browsers built-in. Hard to find improvements that will bring them from 8.99 to 9.0.  And I have over 100K bookmarks and it works wonderfully.

Once I suggested that they might have an archive feature, where your pages could be kept on your disk, for those that vanish or become 404s. (A decent pct. can then be found in or by Google search.)  They actually were working on it a bit, I think they decided it was too much effort and complication for too little usage.

What a program! It is especially helpful as a research assistant. I group a topic with a keyword (e.g. the "real Nazareth" or "WooCommerce plugin") and when the topic comes up in discussion I quickly have my 5 or 50 urls on the topic, with some notes about what is in that page.  Also with Google books and, I line it up in order and give each page of interest a description of what I found there. 

Remember the predecessor, Powermarks :).

Linkman - just get the right .xpi (different .xpi for Chrome, Firefox Quantum, etc)
Download it and pick it up from the file search in extensions.

OneTab (also available on Chrome, Firefox Quantum etc)


The KEY Reasons, especially 1-2

Tab Mix Plus
Roomy Bookmarks

(you can add some here - especially ones that do not have comparable functionality in the modern Chrome-Quantum worlds)


Using Legacy Collector it takes five minutes to have these installed:

I know this is a bit of a rehash.

And I still have reasons to use modern Chrome (e.g. Gmail utilities) and Firefox and others, but I think for now Pale Moon is the #1 for general browsing.

Waterfox might be just as good, just checked seems fine.
Cyberfox also loads those extensions.
No reason to work with Firefox 56 or 52.

Your thoughts!


Talking about single person calendars. 
Yet multi sub-categories, like this:

Christian Conferences
Local Events

Input through Windows mostly.

And I just tried out Zoho, I actually was impressed with its sub-calendars that are all on the one screen, in the upper-left, with their own colors. You can check-mark which ones are active for the overlay aspect, which is what this post is mostly about.  One limitation, I don't think you can "Save" a view of say 5 of the 10 calendars you set up.  Nonetheless it is fine, easier than most I have seen.



Possible +, not fundamental

shows on iPad  (ok, Android too)
groups of people, good for BIZ - (Zoho has that)
integration with email, task, notes etc. (not that important for me, since I am Rightnote and Eudora/TheBat! oriented)

A calendar entry is quick enough to enter. the 3-second saving from a Gmail is not important, since you always tweak them anyway.


Different types of Windows-capable entry calendars, I think they go into 3 basic categories, although some may be hybrid. Free or pay is okay, but not a monthly fee above about $3. Some good calendars are embedded in PIMs (Efficient apparently broke theirs out) and some programs in the RightNote genre might surprise you with a good calendar implementation.  I'll make any adjustments to this as we go long. And I don't care much about importing or even exporting, this is meant to be the master that makes the rules. (Well, Facebook Events might be an exception, OneCalendar, not included, too simple, mentions that.)


Many of these are likely just too simple for the overlay requirement.

1) net-web online based 
   Google, Zoho, Outlook, 30 boxes, Timetree, Fruux, SmartDay, Jorte, Cozi. DakBoard, MineTime

2) windows home-base - Vueminder, Thunderbird, Efficient, Rainlender (literally on the desktop)
   -- embedded in PIMS (Essential, Time&Chaos)

3) mobile-centric - Fantastical, Pimlical, Pocket Informant, PocketLife,, Business Calendar 2
  (I am not checking if they are Windows capable yet, however, these are more for Tablet Thinking)


So what works well? 
Is Zoho one of the leaders from my requirements?

This is sort of a follow-up on an earlier 2016 thread that was a bit more tablet-centric.

calendar that is happy in Windows and on tablet

I've decided that for me data entry should be Windows based, either web or Desktop 


General Software Discussion / cross-browser bookmark flexibility
« on: March 30, 2019, 07:38 PM »
First, let me say that I use Linkman as my all purpose bookmark keeper, and have it working excellently with multiple browsers at one time. Firefox Quantum ESR, Chrome, Pale Moon Waterfox, Opera and many others can all be used with Linkman. There is little or no architectural variance.  You get the Linkman button in the toolbar, and then add (using port 81, so as not to clash with Skype) and edit bookmarks either from the toolbar or from their drop basket, a frog which floats in the moat.  All excellent there, and highly recommended.  And I do lots of jiggling to keep information there, based on keyword linkage.


My normal bookmarks, for super-quick access, work on the bookmark bar, about 20 folders - health, biz, puter, scripture, and lots of easy access stuff there.  And I like to drop new stuff in. I do not have to change the structure, e.g. adding folders, except every blue moon.

This bookmark bar can be replicated on Pale Moon, and any other browser that will import the file.

Right now I simply keep Firefox Quantum as my master, and switch back there when I want to add.

My goal is to be able to add to maybe 3 or more browsers that all have the same bookmark structure.  And then every once in a while, maybe weekly, put all the additions together.  If a subfolder was added in one browser, and a different subfolder was added in another browser, I would like both to be in the new master structure.  And I am not worried about deletions, changes of names and stuff like that. I would be aware than changing names would create duplicates.

Is this pseudo-synchronization idea feasible? How?

Your thoughts welcome!


When Abbyy or Screenshot ShareX or some program puts text in the clipboard, I would like to have a simple way to get rid of the line feeds, and also eliminate any hyphens at the end of the lines (before the line feed).

Then when I go to paste into, eg. a forum, I won't have to move around every line.

It looks like this is optionally done by some editors.

I could ask Abbyy or ShareX to give the option as an enehancement.

Any utilities you know that do the job?


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