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From WordPress / Woo Commerce I would like to shell out (call a subroutine) and do some comparison-calc logic.  This is to determine if an item is subject to sales tax. The product (item) will have some Y/N flag fields, and these will be compared to the 50 states, (+DC, maybe PR) to see if that item is sales tax liable in that state.   There will not be 50 sections, since some states are identical (e.g. about 10 have no sales tax for these products), maybe there will be 25 separate logic sections. Each section will have maybe 5-10 lines of code. I can supply the logic, and maybe do the code.

For speed, and confidentiality, it would be nice to be compiled. 

What tool should be used? 

Presumably reasonably English simple-style, for long-term maintenance:
(If State=FL and Field-Kruggerand=Y evaluate SST=Y and Goto End)

Your thoughts? 
This might also be a gig :).

SST=StateSalesTax - a plug-in from a 3rd party knows the current rate from the address, which can include local city/town add-ons.

There are other complexities, especially with threshold levels, at the moment that is another story.

We also have wonderful complexities in pricing  :).

Redirection problems often occur after migrations.
My forum was migrated from vBulletin to Xenforo.
The vBulletin redirection add-on is no longer supported, and did not work for me.
My forum is like a research blog.

Current Google searches are generally based on the old urls, and give:


Not Found
The requested URL /showthread.php was not found on this server.
Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at Port 443


Over time, Google would likely catch up to the current forum, but it is unclear how long it would take, and when they would drop the invalid links. In the meantime, this makes Google and other search engines unusable, and this is very frustrating to those trying to use the forum material. Same with links that were placed on other groups and forums. (We are trying a special attempt to handle the internal links within the forum.

So the need, if it is possible, is for someone skilled with Apache with PHP and whatever is the skill-set to go in there and intercept those misses, and put up either the Xenforo front page, or, better yet, a special landing page that explains that we have redirected from the Google search. And inviting the user to search using the internal forum search (which might be enhanced by an add-on.)

In the best world, the parameters of the search would be passed, more or less, to the internal search, that is getting a bit more sophisticated, and may not be possible.

Please contact me if you think this is the type of (paid) project you could do and would like to do!

And feel free to discuss, improve and troubleshoot this idea on this thread as well. Also the whole world of forums and migrations.

As an aside, I remember we had someone do something on my WordPress business site where they bypassed the normal processes and put up a landing page, specialty, explaining that we were down for the day. (Sometimes there might even be a plug-in for that in WordPress.)

If you are involved in the Xenforo world, clearly that is a big plus, and could lead to more action. Or you might like understanding why it has become the go-to forum of choice for many.

The site is on Linode, on a VPS unmanaged server. Access will be fully available.

Your thoughts welcome! 
And if you have a special spot where you think this might get a good response, share away.


Or any email (e.g. Runbox) to SMS.

Preferably an option to just send the Subject line.

Obviously, the sending should be based on a filter (e.g. something in the subject line, or address.)

An account with Twilio (or CloudHQ or RedOxygen or another) is ok, if the price is right.

Also, I would like it to go to my Talkatone account (about 1/2 of SMS recognize such an account, Twilio works fine.)
Or find another method - I can try Skype number - since my normal phone is a clamshell.

The goal is to get the SMS on an iPad.
Even an Android is possible, especially if gives a better alarm.

I will look for more references to place here:

New References Coming Soon

POSSIBILITY - has the feature, will the free account work? 250 actions/month

"Send an SMS in Twilio on a New Email in Gmail"



Integromat - Free on 1,000, $9month/basic




CloudHQ has a plugin

They have a free account, maybe it works? 
And one for $10/month, which would be ok, if it does a few good things.

However, it looks to be manual send to SMS, not automated by trigger.

Same with RedOxygen


Gmail used to have a native method, like here, but I think it ended in 2014

Send Text Messages from your GMail Account (2012)


Apparently Gmail-Twilio-SMS needs some coding action.



In Business, great for new orders.

For car shopping (or any shopping) good for triggers from places like Craigslist.
(One car company, Autotrader, does have SMS alerts.)


General Software Discussion / forum software
« on: August 21, 2019, 08:49 AM »
I actually use a forum software, vBulletin, more as a blog than a forum.

Take a look.

Pure Bible Forum.

It seems to me that it sections out much better than a blog, and has nice ability to quickly put in pictures, change fonts, move posts, etc.
Granted it misses some of the blog niceties, ideally I would coordinate a blog with the forum.

vBulletin has not made everybody happy the last years, I am on V.4 and have no plans to go to V.5.  Yet I do occasionally run into glitches, one would lose data when a page would become white.  Usually a large overloaded thread with many pics.  That experience, which happened a few times and was difficult to troubleshoot, dampened my enthusiasm a bit.

So I may do the couple of hundred dollars and start Xenforo.  Then I actually would add features and plug-ins and perhaps build up a community of sorts.  I would like the Facebook sign-in, since I have many involved in Facebook, but that seems to not really function. Twitter sign-on is supposedly very good.

Then there is SMF and ElkeArte and such, Tuxman talked about them on another thread.  Less or no $, perhaps just as good in many ways.

And I may also use, separately, a forum as an adjunct to an e-commerce biz. (Precious metals.) There are many WordPress plugins that do forums, that are a bit rinnky-dink, that is another alternative. (We use WooCommerce under WordPress.)

Some of the other nouveau forums are here:

Trying to get good SEO without a lot of time/money investment is one factor.

Your free-form thoughts welcome!

(I would keep vBulletin in its blog mode. It does many things very well.)


Most of my email play is on:

Verizon mail - grandfathered to AOL. (downloaded by POP)

Runbox (small account, downloaded by POP)

Various Gmail accounts that simply forward to the Verizon-AOL and then any deletion of the Gmail is at leisure, usage is mostly "that day" or if for some reason my home base client is less accessible. It does work well with my iPad .. especially the biz email, or resets of passwords, etc.


Eudora 7, a fantastic email program, is hitting more modern encyrption demands like TSL 1.1 and 1.2.  This means that the original Eudora 7 download will, in some cases, (and increasing) not download mail.  The server will time out, or refuse the connection.

Hermes is a new project built on the Eudora source code, which Qualcomm, after some hesitation, nicely put into the public domain! The main purpose is to fix those areas, like encyrption and certificates, where Eudora might fail. E.g. specific .dlls might be replaced. Other things might be updated, like fonts or emojies.  It is unlikely that much of the core code would be rewritten, since the tools today are very different than 25 years ago. 

(Penelope was a Thunderbird attempt to have a Eudora look-and-feel that went nowhere.)

Pandora is an excellent attempt to make a "Eudora-like" program by a gentleman named Brana. It can be discussed separately. Note that it has the potential to add some features, (e.g. virtual mailboxes would be possible, although I do not expect that they are currently on the road-map).  Feature improvements is very limited for Hermes, since the core code is Eudora.  However, it has recently become ready for prime-time.

And I mostly use Eudora and TheBat!, later in the thread I can explain why I use both.  And I also play with Pandora.


Quick mention of about ten other email programs.

Other less techie and robust alternatives include eM Client, the more Outlook-type program that some use. Claws Mail is another. Mailbird has proponents.  Postbox too. Thunderbird is still active. SeaMonkey is a minor player, also like Postbox built on Thunderbird. Outlook has its own world (and maybe PIM clones like Essential PIM?) em Client also compares themselves to Mail and LiveMail.

In somewhat of a purist email legacy mode we have Becky!, Pegasus and Poco-Barca, yet each one has its current situation. 

I have tried many of these, and always come back to a Eudora-TheBat! world.


Information largely from the

Eudora for Windows forum (no archives, I am using my inbox)

Join this for any future updates.

Posts from Ken starting around Feb. 27, 2019.  Ken had improved the Hermes instructions. 
(Also contributions from hoplist, Dave Andrews, and the super-helpful Katrina Knight.)

There is also a check that you have the proper "MS C ++ redistribution".


You can navigate to your Eudora program files folder and check the dates of libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, and ssleay32.dll.  If QCSSL.dll is dated any earlier than Oct. 29, 2018 (or if any of the other 3 files date earlier than Aug. 15, 2018), you don't have what you need to ensure Eudora is working with TLS 1.1 and 1.2, which are increasingly required by mail servers.

Here are some instructions for getting this updated library installed into your Eudora 7.1:


This is not complicated, simply explained step-by-step,


Although the developers working on Hermes haven't yet released that, they HAVE released an updated SSL library for Eudora that you can patch right into your existing copy of Eudora 7.1.  It will (1) resolve a lot of certificate problems, and (2) add support for TLS 1.1 and 1.2, which will keep Eudora working with mail servers that have dropped or will soon drop support for TLS 1.0.

(If you've been using the Stunnel tool specifically to get around this limitation, this updated SSL library will eliminate your need to use that.  It will add support for the missing protocols, while ensuring that everything about your data communication will remain encrypted.)

To install this updated SSL library into your existing Eudora installation:

(Use at your own risk: I am unaffiliated with the Hermes project, but merely a satisfied user trying to make things easier with these instructions.)

1) Download this ZIP file and extract it somewhere:  NOTE: If you downloaded this already but before Oct. 29, 2018, you'll need to download it again now, because the pre-Oct. 29th version wasn't fully functional.

2) Find your Eudora program files folder, via:
   - Eudora's top menu: Help -> About Eudora -> Click on the word "Application" above the "Visit Web Site" button.  This should launch a folder window with your Eudora program in it, which will include the "Eudora.exe" file.

3) Close the About Eudora box, and Quit Eudora

4) Make backup copies of these 4 files that are in your Eudora program files folder: libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, ssleay32.dll

5) Run vcredist.exe that you extracted in step 1.  You might already have a new enough version of this Microsoft library on your system, in which case it will tell you that and will abort.  That's fine: it means you already have the needed Microsoft library and can proceed to the next step.

6) Copy these new 4 files you extracted in step 1 (libeay32.dll, QCSSL.dll, rootcerts.p7b, ssleay32.dll) into your Eudora program files folder. You'll see they're from 2018 instead of 2006.

7) Start Eudora.

8 ) Attempt to retrieve email and send email with your personality/ies.  Most certificate errors should be gone, and sending and receiving should be functional.

9) Something not working?  Then check your incoming and outgoing mail settings:
   (Your main settings are under Tools->Options->"Checking Mail" and "Sending Mail".  They're additionally in each of your Personalities that you use to send and receive mail: Tools->Personalities, and then for each personality, right click, Properties, and look at both tabs "Generic Properties" and "Incoming Mail".)
   In each of those two places, look at the "Secure Sockets when Sending" / "Secure Sockets when Receiving" dropdown.  If you see "If Available, STARTTLS" or "Required, STARTTLS" in any of those places, some mail servers might need you to change those to "Required, Alternate Port".  If you try changing this, make note of the old setting, in case you need to change it back.
   Try retrieving and sending email again.

10) If you're using a server that has support for TLS 1.1 or 1.2, you can verify that Eudora is now using one of these: Go to each of the two places described in step 9 (i.e. in "Options" and/or as any Personality you've successfully connected with since restarting Eudora).  In each, press the button "Last SSL Info".  On the info window that pops up, find the "SSL version field".  You should see "TLSv1.2" or "TLSv1.1", instead of "TLSv1", which will confirm that the new libraries are now using the new protocols with those servers.


A brand-new clean Eudora Install is said by Nicholas Edward Werner-Matavka of Hermes on July 25 to work - with this download:
(In other words, the necessary file swaps are already included in this installer.)
Ted Walton and Katrina have discussions of using this method on August 5, especially if you are transferring over from one puter to another.


Free thinking notes

Additional programs I might want to check, for various reasons
Chaos Intellect from Rose City (they had Courier in the old days)
Zimbra - (free, open source??)
Good ol Zoho (Salesinbox) and an Amazon Workplace thingy

For other reasons -
Kiwi for Gmail-Gsuite (also Propeller) - reminds me of Streak and NetHunt)
Spike Shift


ADDED 8:16
Mailspring - pro is $8/mo
Opera Mail
Yahoo Mail (does it have desktop client, probably8 browser only)
iCloud - Apple

BlueMail in beta

collaboration tools like Front and Spike and MailCore might have email embedded.
Other quirkies like KnowMail - Rainloop

Proton Mail (mentioned for security, not a client, has apps, as do Fastmail, etc)
Runbox (I use this for a special Pop-box)
See Slant and G2


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