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Pointing at the start of the thread is probably more useful: Review

Do not think I am too dumb to program and use my own tool for that matter.
Please don't get me wrong, I've not tried to suggest even anything near that, sorry if you think I did :huh:

In my humble opinion a program that limit text to a speficific character amount is made for such matter.
Please elaborate, as I do not see any relation between a tool to gather text to be posted in a web form (as initially requested) and a password generator.
Any decent password generator tool has a setting for the length of the password(s), so using this tool to provide a password of a specific length feels counter-intuitive.

add password generator please

Why would you need that to write a text? There are already roughly 1 million password generators (or more), rich and poor, why try to add one where (nearly) nobody needs one?

This should be a nice, single purpose tool, please don't add bloatware to it.

Not sure what kind of tooling/IDE you use for development, but I've been very content using VSCode with the Gitlens plugin. Admittedly, I'm 'only' using it with Github (and TFS/AzureDevOps-Git at work), but Gitlab sounds no more than natural to also being supported.

When you're using the Visual Studio IDE, there is the official Gitlab extension available in the marketplace, adding full Gitlab support to VS20xx.

As a direct alternative to SourceTree, Gitkraken is, AFAICS, free for open source Github and Gitlab repo's, so that could also be an option.

And then there's the 'Classic' TortoiseGIT extension for Windows Explorer, quite similar to TortoiseHg and TortoiseSVN.

My version is newer v4.41.0 than the one on the web v4.36.1...
Don't understand anything :-[

Even mouser himself is confuzzled by all those version numbers, so please don't expect anyone to ever grasp that ;D ;D ;D

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