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Screenshot Captor / Re: Windows 11 round edges transparency
« on: May 23, 2022, 10:13 AM »
+1 similarly for scrolling screen captures, those gray rounded corners are included somewhat irregularly in the result, as a rectangle is cut out for the captured window :huh:

NB: There is a dirty hack available that changes uDWM.dll, but that is not something I want to have as a 'fix', as it is a little to blunt for me. And it might break with future Windows updates.

This time I put what fellows usually write to me :

Look who's talking ;D You have picked up some of the advice presented here :Thmbsup:

AMD's not supporting Thunderbolt

Is that a requirement? Are you planning to buy devices that need that? That kind of devices is mostly so specific that you're on Apple equipment already (and even they seem to move slowly away from TB), or can easily be substituted by USB 3.0 connected devices.

Living Room / Re: Arduino anyone?
« on: April 30, 2022, 04:08 PM »

Living Room / Re: Arduino anyone?
« on: April 30, 2022, 02:51 AM »
I've been actively involved in Arduino based programming since about 2 years now (and a user of the project I'll mention below for about 4 years), but I skipped the Arduino hardware and went straight to the IMHO more capable Espressif ESP hardware based boards, using ESP8266 and ESP32 controller, as these come with WiFi built in (and ESP32 even with bluetooth, but I don't use that). These boards can be bought from Aliexpress starting at only a few $$, where the Arduino hardware is usually less powerful and more expensive.

I've been involved with ESPEasy (github link and support forum), that is intended to make it easy to use sensors in an IoT/domotica setting.
Lots of functionally already available 'out of the box', with a web UI served from the controller (no cloud involved, other than github for development and the support-forum, obviously). You can find my involvement by looking for my avatar :D
NB: Though I do some occasional hardware tinkering, I'm mostly in this 'game' for the software-side (C++) of it.

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