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Living Room / Re: How is this old interface called?
« on: November 06, 2019, 12:56 AM »
How can we automate them and can we inject data into them by-passing their tedious interface?
You can try to feed the application using my WinSendKeys tool.
It will probably take some trial and error, but as it mimics keyboard entry pretty well, it should work. Be sure to have a look at the delay options (f.e. between characters sent) to fix issues when characters are missing on input, as some DOS type programs have their own keyboard input routines that can be a bit finicky.

General Software Discussion / Re: Best app to learn SQL on
« on: November 05, 2019, 01:13 AM »
I understood that the various implementations all had distinct dialects so I guess I was looking for something reasonably generic to get me started
Well, if you need a good standards-compliant SQL, then PostgreSQL is a good candidate. It's very well documented, supported, and as much Open Source as it gets. Find it here:
I'm not too thrilled with the currently provided tools to manage it, though, they're pretty darn slow, last time I used that (been a while), but it gets the job done.

About Apache configuration:
AFAICS, you should start reading (and some experimenting) on this Apache wiki page about DirectoryListings and how to configure that. I have no LAMP/WAMP installation available, so am unable to provide more detailed pointers, sorry.

About the .style.css file needing to be copied into each directory:
This is caused by this line in .index.php:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="./.style.css">
It points to that file in the current directory ( ./ in front of the filename is a relative location).

By placing the .style.css file into a specific directory like directorystyle in the root of your website, and changing the above line into:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/directorystyle/.style.css">
you are addressing the file at it's absolute location, and has to be stored only once at the server.
Renaming the file and moving it to the default styles directory is also an option, ofcourse.

The period as the first character of the filename makes the file invisible on *nix OS's, and it can be omitted if the file is moved out of the directories that are visible to the enduser. The name used in .index.php has to be adjusted accordingly, as is to be expected ;)
The same goes for the .index.php file, after you have moved it out of the visible directories using the first pointer in this post.

Any chance you can share those index.php and style.css files to see if a fix might actually be possible in the index.php file?

I'm not an expert on Apache, but if al else fails, you could create logical links to the 2 files in each subfolder, avoiding duplicate files, and keeping a single point of maintenance.

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