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My problem for now is 'how to make differences between real words and no words that are between spaces/quotes/point or comma terminated etc etc etc'

I'd replace all CR's and LF's with a space, then reduce any duplicate spaces to single space, trim leading and trailing spaces off and use one of these solutions (Depending on Delphi version used) to split the string into an array, then get the length of that array/list for the number of words.

So far you've been provided about 5 possible solutions, but you obviously haven't tried any of them yet.

Please try to explain how or where you are going to connect a kvm switch here?

I'm also planning to order the parts to make my own solution following the instructions linked to
In most countries there are shops that supply an assortment of AliExpress goods from local stock, their prices are somewhat higher than the Ali prices, of course, but they manage to deliver in days instead of months, on average. You just have to find the right shop in your country :tellme:

Are you running PT as Administrator?

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