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N.A.N.Y. 2021 / NANY 2021: MoveFileHere
« on: December 30, 2020, 10:09 AM »
Application Name MoveFileHere
Version 2020-12-31
Short Description AutoHotkey tool to quickly move newest file from Downloads to the active File Explorer folder in Windows 10.
Supported OSes Windows 10
Web Page
Download Link Standalone EXE file
AHK source file


A very small hotkey tool that I use all the time, now released for NANY in case other people also often move files soon after downloading them and find the sequence Right click, Click "Show in folder", Ctrl+X, Alt+Tab Tab Tab, Ctrl+V way too long :). With MoveFileHere you press F7 to move the latest downloaded file to the active Explorer folder. The hotkey and folder can be changed in settings. Copy and rename MoveFileHere.exe to e.g. MoveFileHere2.exe to set up multiple hotkeys and folders.
See GitHub README for more details.

Note: antivirus tools may incorrectly flag the AutoHotkey compiled .exe file. You can always install AutoHotkey and then compile MoveFileHere yourself from the .ahk source file or simply run the .ahk source directly.

MoveFileHere helps a workflow where we make the browser always download to a fixed Downloads folder and then quickly move the file elsewhere afterwards. Compare that to the workflow of quickly picking a custom download/save folder for each download using Listary or the small SaveAsPathHelper script I quickly made to mimic some Listary features.

After pressing F7 the user accepts the move with Enter, Space or Left Click. To instead cancel the move press Esc, F7 again or wait 2 seconds.

This may have been solved before but I didn't find it with search just now.

In FARR settings the search folders page has a field for restricting what to search in the folder.
How do we restrict the search to not show any folders? That is, the search results should show files in the specified folder and in its subfolders, but should not show the subfolders themselves.


We can include file extensions with "txt;pdf;md" and exclude file extensions with "-mp4;mkv;avi".

But the on screen help text says nothing about folders. Nor does the help page Is there a syntax for that field to exclude folders? ( 2009 thread requested such syntax. )

I tried "-\" and "-\\" but neither worked.

If the search folder modifier keyword is used in an alias together with dosearch then one workaround is to add "-\" in the alias result line (or manually in the searchbox) to exclude folders. Or alternatively "+." to only include files. Helpfile page on that.

That workaround excludes folders, with one exception it seems: the base folder for the search folder settings is still included. For example in the screenshot above the base folder would be "C:\FARR\farr-tldr". But I noticed that if we in the alias instead add "-\\" (two slashes instead of one) then the base folder is also excluded. Though that seems undocumented behaviour.

Find And Run Robot / FARR mini weather report from
« on: November 19, 2020, 11:55 AM »
Wttr is a fun and fast URL based command line weather report tool.
Background and syntax here

This post describes how to show wttr weather as text directly in the FARR searchbox.


Step 1. create a FARR alias
name: weather
regex: ^(weath|weat|wea)$
result: weather | appcap "C:\folder\FARR_weather_helper.exe"

Step 2. prepare helper AutoHotkey script
- Save code to C:\folder\FARR_weather_helper.ahk
- Modify the wttr URL in the code: which location? what data to show? language? extra text?
- Compile the script to an .exe file (necessary since FARR's appcap doesn't work if we run .ahk scripts uncompiled, it seems)
Code: Autohotkey [Select]
  2. ; FARR_weather_helper.ahk
  3. ; 2020-11-19 by Nod5
  4. ; helper script to show weather from in FARR searchbox
  5. ; wttr details and syntax at
  7. ; prepare wttr URL (must escape each % character with `)
  8. vUrl := "`%c+`%t+`%C"
  9. ; example output: ☀️ +9°C Sunny
  11. ; download weather page to variable
  12. vString := urlDownloadToVar(vUrl)
  14. ; replace FARR searchbox string with weather string via clipboard paste
  15. ; clipboard pastes all at once so won't trigger other aliases
  16. vBackup := ClipboardAll
  17. Clipboard := vString
  18. Send ^a^v
  19. sleep 500
  20. Clipboard := vBackup
  21. vBackup := ""
  24. ; function: dowload URL and return it as variable
  25. UrlDownloadToVar(url, raw :=0)
  26. {
  27.   ; prefix https:// if not found
  28.   if( !regExMatch(url,"i)https?://") )
  29.     url := "https://" url
  30.   try
  31.   {
  32.     hObject:=ComObjCreate("WinHttp.WinHttpRequest.5.1")
  33.     hObject.Open("GET",url)
  34.     hObject.Send()
  35.     return raw ? hObject.ResponseBody : hObject.ResponseText
  36.   }catch err{
  37.       MsgBox % err.message
  38.   }
  39.   return 0
  40. }

Here are some alternative ways to use wttr in FARR
  • Load the wttr URL as embedded webpage in FARR
  • Run a script to get the URL weather text and show as a FARR results line via appcapresults
  • Run a script to get the URL weather text and show it in FARR searchbox via FARR's command line parameter -search
But in all these three cases FARR does not show the unicode weather emoji correctly.
However wttr also has options for richer output formats such as multiline or even mapped weather reports as .png images, and that could probably look quite nice in FARR's HTML view.

This post is to test if we can embed a short MP4 animation inline in DC forum posts. Here goes:


We can attach the .mp4 to the bottom of the post, but it then downloads rather than shows in the browser.

Attempts at embedding that did not work with an .mp4 file attachment

Also not working: embed animation from imgur server


The FARR command dosearch lets an alias perform a new search and display the results. We can use search folder modifier keys and trigger long search patterns from a short alias. Great! But dosearch has no options to adjust the results line for each search match.

This request is an enhanced dosearch command, call it dosearchformatresults, that lets us format the search result lines.

One idea for the syntax is to put result formatting at the end after a frontslash and keyword, like for the FARR window options and /icon=... instructions. Like this
dosearchformatresults <regular dosearch syntax here> /result=<result formatting here>

The result formatting part would have the syntax we can use for results in aliases plus special variables related to each search match file. Example:
%filename% | showfilehtml %filepath%
In this example FARR would perform a dosearch for .html files and then for each match show a result line that when triggered shows the .html files inside FARR, rather than open it in the default .html application (external browser).

Probably some more complex escaping of characters and other ways to avoid weird conflicts/loops would be needed (recursive dosearchformatresults might cause weird issues for example  :D).

We can already achieve something like what I'm requesting via external scripts and appcapresults. But that is complex and FARR could probably do it quicker. The external workflow steps goes like this:
- FARR alias that passes a regex match from the typed string in FARR to an external script via dolaunch and appcapresult
dolaunch appcapresult C:\externalscript.exe $$2
- external script that searches some folder for e.g. .html files with filenames that match the passed string(s)
- for each match prepare a result line with the showfilehtml command
- result lines are passed back to FARR via stdout when the script exits
- FARR's appcapresult reads the results and displays them
- the user selects a result and presses Enter to view the HTML page inside FARR
In this external workflow FARR starts an external process and waits for it to finish for each typed character, which I've seen can cause some slowdowns.

This animation illustrates how it looks.

The .html files in the illustration are derived from the TLDR project - a neat collection of short usage examples for CLI commands in Linux/Windows -  that I've converted from Markdown (previous post related to that).

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