Coding Snacks Slam #2

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This weekend marked our second experiment with coding applications on demand.

The idea of Coding Snacks is very simple - users post tiny programming ideas on our forum (in the Coding Snacks section). The requested programs have to be small enough that they can be coded in one day (preferably in just a few hours), and there should not be an existing freeware/opensource existing program that does the same thing.

Programs coded as Coding Snacks are available to the public as freeware on the Coding Snacks download page.

Without further ado, we bring you now the results of Coding Snack Slam #2..


The idea of Coding Snacks is not a competition or a programming exercise - it's an attempt to bring users and coders together to have some fun, and in the progress create some interesting or humorous programs. The requested programs don't necessarily have to be useful, as long as they are fun and strike the fancy of a programmer.

Many requests are simply beyond the scope of a few hours of programming, but the Coding Snacks section can still serve as a useful way for users to get feedback on ideas, and learn how complicated they would be to implement.

Based on our first Coding Snacks weekend it's clear also that the Coding Snacks section of the forum is a useful place for users to share information about existing programs that already fulfill the needs of a request.


We got an email from someone who wondered if writing and submitting a coding snacks program meant that the program became the property of; The answer is No.

Any code written by a programmer for Coding Snacks Weekend is absolutely their software, in every sense of the word. We don't want any rights to it, you can put it anywhere you want, sell it, discontinue it, etc. We will host it for you on the Coding Snacks download page, and if you want to write a separate html page for the app, we'd be happy to host that too, but the program is entirely yours to do with as you wish.

And if you want to set up a donation account at paypal or amazon we'd also be happy to list the donation button next to the program on the coding snacks page, etc. Our view is that the more useful content we have on the site, the more useful the site is to people, which is what we are trying to achieve. And if we can do anything to help make the site a good experience for you we will try.


Three programs were finished as part of this weekend's Coding Snacks, and one other program was updated to perform the features asked for in another request. Other Coding Snack programs are also available on the Coding Snacks Download Page:

Title: DropCount
Requester: fhoyos
Programmer: jibz (Jørgen Ibsen)
Forum Link: visit

Tiny app that you can drag and drop folders onto to get a report of file count, folder count, total size, and max path size (useful for cd burning).

This program was requested someone who has some trouble burning cds with long paths; the final size of this program is about 9k, which is what happens when a programmer who writes his own replacement c libraries in order to save a few k of space.

Title: Random Submitter
Requester: scott
Programmer: mouser

Periodically (or on request) submits user-defined urls to the internet, with optional random components.

This program was requested by someone who is particular paranoid about google assembling a databased of searches that a person makes, and somehow using this data in a manner that would result in a loss of privacy. So the idea was to have a program that would submit random searches periodically to muddy the waters. But the result is a fairly general purpose program that mind find other uses.

Title: System Path Commander
Requester: mouser/mtp
Programmer: chr15

Allows you to easily and safely enable and disable directories in your windows system path. A friendly GUI interface helps you make changes to your system path, including nondestructive enable/disable, adding, deleting, editing, converting to short form, identifying invalid paths, and more. Keeps a detailed log so you can always see what you changed and when. View Readme File.

Title: DoubleClickQuote
Requester: pretendmouser
Programmer: mouser

Double click this tray icon to show a random quote (comes with 16000 quotes from, but you can easily make your own quotes files). Updated to allow sneaky hidden timed trigger (and option to send it to printer); good for playing jokes.

To download these programs, visit the Coding Snacks Download Page. For more information on these and other requests, visit the Coding Snacks forum section.

This was another great Coding Snacks Weekend, with some fun little utilities getting written. I am personally especially fond of System Path Commander, which is a program I've wanted for a while, to help me safely (temporarily) enable and disable directories in the system path. I also wonder if anyone can think of some interesting uses for the the Random Submitter tool, that are not related to spam.. :)



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