Coding Snacks Slam #1

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Instead of our normal software review, this week we tried a new experiment we called Coding Snacks.

The idea of Coding Snacks is very simple - users post tiny programming ideas on our forum (in the Coding Snacks section). The requested programs have to be small enough that they can be coded in one day (preferrably in just a few hours), and there should not be an existing freeware/opensource existing program that does the same thing.

Programs coded as Coding Snacks will be made available to the public as freeware on the Coding Snacks download page.

The Coding Snacks experiment went so well that we are making it a regular feature of the website. Users can post new ideas and requests whenever they want (on the forum), and coders may visit and implement them in their spare time. On the last weekend of each month we will have a special slam devoted to coding them, and results will be written up in the review section.

Special thanks to the guest coders who came by to the forum to help out and field some requests.


Coding Snacks is not a competition or a programming excercise - it's an attempt to bring users and coders together to have some fun, and in the progress create some interesting or humourous programs. The requested programs don't nescesarily have to be useful, as long as they are fun and strike the fancy of a programmer.

Many requests are simply beyond the scope of a few hours of programming, but the Coding Snacks section can still serve as a useful way for users to get feedback on ideas, and learn how complicated they would be to implement.

Based on our first Coding Snacks weekend it's clear also that the Coding Snacks section of the forum is a useful place for users to share information about existing programs that already fulfull the needs of a request.


Four programs were finished as part of this weekend's Coding Snacks, and several others were started but not finished. The three finished programs are all available now as freeware downloads on the Coding Snacks Download Page:

DoubleClickQuote - "Double click this tray icon to show a random quote (comes with 16000 quotes from You can make your own quotes.txt if your want."

DYDLO (Dad You Didn't Log Off) - "Shows a small window on top of your screen when you are connected via dial-up, showing time online. Useful to remind people to disconnect from their modem to avoid high phone bills."

RunOnFastUserSwitch - "Windows provides the ability to start specific program on initial login, but not when switching between already logged-in users. This tool can be useful for example to change the sound volume or screen resolution to suit particular users, each time they switch."

TemporalityScreens -Wallpaper manager that allows you to schedule specific images for specific date and time ranges. Lets you associates specific images with specific hours of the day, or days of the year, etc.

Two other programs were started but not yet finished. They will be posted when they are available for donwloading:

SpitefulTimer - Crazy game where you rack up points for having a good internal clock. A good way to drive yourself crazy 24 hours a day. OCD suffers should love this one.

GoogleConfuser - Sends random search requests to google to prevent them from tracking your search history (for people who are severely paranoid).

For more information on these and other requests, visit the Coding Snacks forum section.




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