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Radio Show Podcast

The Radio Show Podcast
the radio show for computer geeks and their friends
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Podcast #6
"Do It Tomorrow - An Interview With Mark Forster"

interviewer:  Jose Quesada
October 22nd, 2006 - 26 minutes - Download mp3 (13mb/64kbs)

Show #6 Resources

Mark's Books include Do It Tomorrow and other secrets of time management (first chapter online), Get Everything Done and Still Have Time to Play, and How To Make Your Dreams Come True. Visit his website for online articles, or to sign up for his mailing list.

Podcast #5
"Getting Things Done - An Interview With David Allen"

produced by Marcus "Mukestar" Codling
interviewer: J. Reichler
Part 1 - September 15th, 2006 - 29 minutes - Download mp3 (14mb/64kbs)
Part 2 - September 23th, 2006 - 14 minutes - Download mp3 (14mb/64kbs)

David's First Time Management / Productivity Book "Getting Things Done" was a huge hit among computer nerds and high-powered business people alike. In this interview we talk in depth about the key principles, the subtleties of the system, and some potential trouble spots.

Show #5 Resources

David Allen's Website, Forums, GTD on Wikipedia, GTD on


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Participate in our 3-month Getting Organized Experiment. We're taking a tour of a variety of Time Management and Productivity Systems, and trying to learn what techniques work best for each of us. Coming up next: Mark Forster's Do It Tomorrow framework.


Want to Listen to Older Past Shows?

  • Show #01 - April 30, 2006 - "Software Rants" - (22 minutes)
    Download: mp3 (11mb/64kbs)
    Rants on crippleware and skinned apps, users first experiences with computers, and a look at the groklaw website.
  • Show #02 - June 04, 2006 - "Interviews and Interruptions" - (42 minutes)
    Download: mp3 (20mb/64kbs)
    With appearances from Deozan, Shaun, Mouser, Nudone, Superboyac, JavaJones,Gothic, Della.
  • Show #03 - July 16, 2006 - "Corkskrews" - (18 minutes)
    Download: mp3 (20mb/64kbs)
  • Show #04 - August 17, 2006 - "Into the Wonderful" - (25 minutes)
    Download: mp3 (13mb/64kbs)
  • Podcast #5.0 - September 15, 2006 - "Getting Things Done - An Interview with David Allen, Part 1" - (28 minutes) - Download mp3 (14mb/64kbs)
  • Podcast #5.5 - September 23, 2006 - "Getting Things Done - An Interview with David Allen, Part 2" - (14 minutes) - Download mp3 (14mb/64kbs)



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