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Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam?!

Great video of a cat "fixing" the printer.


Monday Silliness: "He's a Cat Flushing the Toilet" Music Video

Screenshot - 10_13_2008 , 6_28_54 PM_thumb.png
Monday Silliness: "He's a Cat Flushing the Toilet" Music Video
It's exactly what it sounds like..


Stephen King's "N." - 25 Short Videos

Screenshot - 10_2_2008 , 3_46_55 AM_thumb.png
These are quite cool.. mysterious and ominous story and a beautifully drawn and animated comic.  All online (ad supported) for viewing.

Master storyteller Stephen King presents a revolutionary new form of entertainment: his short story “N.” brought to vibrant life through a series of 25 graphic video episodes. The original series tells the story of a psychiatrist who falls victim to the same deadly obsession as his patient—an obsession that just might save the world!

Drawn by award-wining comic book artist Alex Maleev, and colored by famed comic book colorist José Villarrubia, the episodes were adapted by Marc Guggenheim, co-creator of the ABC-TV series “Eli Stone” with creative oversight from Stephen King.


GraphJam Humour

Most of you have probably found Indexed funny. I have wasted many units of the 4th dimension there. Now I have succumbed to the hilarity of GraphJam.

It is pitch dark... Nerdcore Video

If you've never played "Zork" you might not get it... Old school game dialog set to a hip-hop beat.

This is from a growing movement of "http://nerdcore" rappers.

you are likely to be eaten by a grue
If this predicament seems particularly cruel
consider whose fault it could be
not a torch or a match in your inventory

Cool but strange web comic.. Fleep

Okay, it's not really a webcomic, but since the magazine it originally ran in didn't think it "fit in" so Jason published it for the web.
Careful, some extreme math is part of the plot...

...It's about a boy who wakes up in a telephone booth which has been mysteriously sealed in an envelope of concrete. Using only the contents of his pockets (two pens, a paperback novel, three coins and 20 ft of unwaxed dental floss) our hero must fashion and execute an escape plan before he runs out of oxygen.

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