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DcuHelper.exe v1.10 (7/12/11) - Update checking for your apps (dcupdater compat)

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I like this update a lot!
I'm including it on my new release of GridMove ;)

anyone care to test and report?

I've been using the new version in GridMove since the last release (January 11 or something like that).
I tested it in a virtual machine before and it worked great! ;)

thanks jgp!  :-*


I've read this thread with interest as I've been toying with the idea of including something along these lines in Circle Dock. However, I have some questions:

1. Circle Dock makes use of Mutexes. Assuming only one installation of the program, when CD starts, it checks for its Mutex and, if already allocated, it switches to the original instance and the second instance terminates. If there are multiple installations (in different folders), multiple instances can be run and each "knows" about the others' presence. Is DCU mutex-aware (as Inno Setup is) ?

2. How are "non-versioned" files (eg text or help files) handled?



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