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DcuHelper.exe v1.10 (7/12/11) - Update checking for your apps (dcupdater compat)

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What a disappointment.
I am begining to expect this from Donation Coder, & DCUpdater is another in a substantial list of hard to use programs with very limited appeal to the novice or intermediate level PC user.
I believe this program is misrepresented - it should clearly state what eventually Mouser does say:
"So probably you want to go find yourself an update checking solution that is self-contained and you probably don't want to use DcUpdater".
Sorry Mouser I know you put the effort in & make your apps freely available but why not do it better, or do something not done by an alternative app.
Tough comment I know, but I have a life, & its May 2012, I want it simple easy, intuitive & robust, without the need to enroll in a help forum. And I don't care much if it's substantial in size. I have a quad core CPU & fast PC to manage such stuff.

Can you elaborate a little bit on your issues with dcuhelper?  This is really a tool for programmers who want to add update support to their applications, so maybe this is just a matter of me not being clear what it's useful for and causing some confusion..

Yes I am sure your reply is spot on.
If intended as an "add on updater" for individual custom apps (as might be helpful to professional programmers) - then please just say this & ensure others do not over-hype what you offer.
Too often I find myself reading extensively about new stuff here & becoming totally confused about for whom the program is designed & best suited.
Hope that clears everything up.

@peterlonz:  Maybe DcUpdater was more of what you were expecting to find?


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