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DcuHelper.exe v1.10 (7/12/11) - Update checking for your apps (dcupdater compat)

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ok let me see if i can answer.. the way dcuhelper works is its checking for a .dcupdate file in the directory where the dcuhelper.exe was run by default.  so it doesn't care how many instances of circledock is installed or running.. it's only going to check the version of the .dcupdate file in its directory with the web version.  so i think that solves the mutex issue, and means it's suitable for portable installation as well.

now keep in mind that typically the way dcuhelper and the fuller dcupdater program work is they just offer to download and run the normal installer.. after that it's up to the user and/or the installer to decide where to install, etc.  though it's also possible to have the updater unpack a zip file.

but for simplicity the idea i've always followed is to let the installer do the work.. the updater doesn't try to support fancy options for figuring out what files need replacing, etc.  it simply checks if a new version is available, and either brings them to the web page to grab it (dcuhelper without dcupdater installed), or downloads and runs the installer (if they have the optional bigger dcupdater installed).

I've uploaded a new version of with expanded instructions; i'm going to try to make a screencast video tutorial or two on how to use it.

What happened to the alpha, I was thinking after the alpha that the next release version would include the code, but alas. The release still requires dcupdater main program, and the alpha is 404.

i don't remember any alpha..

latest dcuhelper.exe can check for updates even without the main dcupdater:

Mouser, there was an alpha link earlier in the thread.  Great, I must not have setup my files correctly then am a bit tired will try again in the next few days!


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