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Hi all long time no new grids  :D
Just been tweeking the Dual-Screen grid made by timcrews. I have added two more triggers to go full screen on each monitor as triggers 1 and 10 hope someone finds it useful.

A simple grid I use for my dual-monitor setup.

Each of the two monitors has two configurations: vertical thirds and vertical halves.

The left monitor has 1/3, 2/3 and the right monitor has 2/3, 1/3.

If you drop the window in the top half of the screen, it uses the thirds configuration; if you drop it in the bottom half, it uses the halves configuration.

(I've noticed a bug since upgrading to the most recent GridMove version, that occasionally the windows jump to bizarre locations e.g. I just tried to drop a window on the left screen's 1/3 and it wound up on the right screen's 2/3 - I'm not sure if it's the grid or the application...)

I've tried to figure out how to create grids, but can't seem to get it right.  I tried modifying one of the basic layouts but then Gridmove gave me an error.  I was wondering if anyone could quickly create a modification to the axcrusik_s_grid that would allow the window to be maximized.  Much thanks in advance.

2 new grids for dual head 2 go
 first is 3 pane looking like this
|         |          |
|         |-------|
|         |          |

2nd is 5 pane looking like this
|         |     |     |
|         |--------|
|         |     |     |

Thought I'd tag this on the end - just a small modification to axcrusik's grid, just with borders between the windows, I've got a fair amount of screen, and I find a gap between windows gives my eyes a break to the background beyond.

Borders are currently 16px wide - if you want to change it just text replace 16 and 8 with the border width, and half border width, of your choosing, or modify axcrusik's original script.

Also, just thought I'd say - this tool is awesome, not sure how I survived without it! I use it with VirtuaWin to give me multiple desktops and I cant tell you how much its helped my workflow, clutter is now a thing of the past, problem is, its now too easy to have too much stuff on the go and sometimes the RAM suffers ;)


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