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Thanks for sharing Cyrus and welcome to the site; You too mmaster and kranor!

It's great fun to see people make their first post sharing something  :Thmbsup:

This is a great program and I really like xiper's grid.  Very intuitive!

I didn't like that grid point in the center didn't re-size to fit the 3x3 grid of windows you could setup using the edges, so I modified it so that it would.  I also changed the near-center grid points to display the size that the center-most grid point originally showed in xiper's grid.  The modified version, called xipergridMOD is attached.  Great work with that one xiper!

Since the Eyefinity (Radeon) and similar systems which combine multiple monitors (1x2, 1x3, 2x2, 2x3, etc.) into a single display (seen as one monitor by Windows), use of these systems was distorting the desired results.  I modified xipergridMOD to work with these systems.  The fix essentially divides the monitor height/width calls by 2 (or 3 depending on the layout) as needed and then adds a new set of grid spots which are offset by a factor of the monitor width/height divided by 2 (or 3) for the subsequent monitors.

The attached modification, Rek2x1Eyefin, works for a 1x2 system (1 row with 2 monitors per row seen as a single display by Windows) though I will hopefully be able to get the other fixed versions up soonish.

Let me know if you have problems or if you need the other fixes sooner rather than later.



I made this one this morning. It's for use across a remote desktop connection in windows. I have a dual screen on the computer that I'm actually typing at but the computer I'm remoting in to has a single screen. So with the /span switch on mstsc you can span the single screen across dual screens. This grid allows you to use a connection spanned across two monitors as a fake dual screen. I just made it, so there may be some bugs :).

|    |                  |                  |     |
|    |                  |                  |     |
|---|                  |                  |---|
|    |                  |                  |     |
|    |                  |                  |     |

Here is my grid that has 519 targets.  :tellme:

Its made for a Siamese pair of monitors with a 3360x1050 rez, so the center targets are sparse.

There is a top 'docker' target bar, and below it an 'undo' or undock bar.

When you load this grid, be patient -- give it like 2 minutes or more before it will compute the first time. But once it does, you can put windows on the following:
1 1
1 2
1 4
2 2
2 4
4 2
4 4
1 6
2 6
3 6
4 6
1 8
2 8
3 8
4 8

3 2
3 4

So many new entries!

Thank you for sharing! :beerchug:

mindprism: I hope you did NOT do all that by hand! That is just incredible!


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