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GridMove: Grids Here

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Got a grid with 9 simple regions for each of 3 monitors.

Grids don't overlap docked windows (i. e. buddy list).

This is a grid that allows you to split your screen in half, quarters, and for people who are used to Windows 7 AeroSnap, but just don't have it in Windows XP!  :)


Thanks for sharing, guys!  :up:

Thanks for a great application.
I love it so much I had to make my own template.
It has a similar functionality as the default xipergrid1.grid, but I tried to clean up the target grid.

Hi GM people, I haven't been here in a while but still use GridMove. This may have been addressed but I'm obsessed with transparency and one thing I didn't like about many of the grids is that the borders rest against each other. So I took the popular Dual Screen grid (my personal favorite) and just added a 20 pixel boarders around each grid to give the widows a little space. I'm calling it Dual-Screen-Float. It's just an idea in case you want to try it with your favorite grids.

if you're interested in transparancy also check out WinRoll (search google). It allows you to roll up windows into their title bar and make window transparent. I use it with gridmove


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