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DC SMF Search Mod - an improvement search for smf forum (codename Zillarank)

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Does this modification work with 1.1.4?  I tried to install it but got errors, including a message that it not compatible with this version of SMF.
I realy like the work you have done and want to keep using this modification on my 1.1.4 site.

Does this modification work with 1.1.4?
-MatthewSchenker (December 17, 2007, 05:27 PM)
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Yes it's tested to work with SMF 1.1.4. What error messages did you get (exactly)?

I think it was my fault.  After installing this modification, my entire site crashed.  But I have a feeling it was because I changed something in the post.template.php or index.template.php file.  I reinstalled my forum software, then reinstalled the search modification, and everything is working fine now.
Thanks for all the great work!!

Eddy Matthews:
Would it be possible to modify DCSMFSearch so that it also searches for attached files?

At the moment there is no way to search for any attached filenames etc, and it would be a great addition if it could be done?

Many thanks

Hi there,

Im a BIG fan of this search mod and have been using it for slightly over 7 months. now that 1.1.6 is out any chance you can upload an update? and will we have this awesome mod for 2.0?



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