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DC SMF Search Mod - an improvement search for smf forum (codename Zillarank)

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Yay, finally it's approved by SMF! :D :D

Yay, finally it's approved by SMF!
--- End quote ---

Congratulations!  Both you and Mouser deserve credit for seeing this through.
Frankly, I don't much care about the SMF community as long as I benefit from your hard work.  :)
It is nice to share, though, and very much in keeping with the philosophy round here.

wordzilla is a true gentleman, he really worked hard to get it in shape so others could benefit from it.

ironically, i tried installing the package and it detects a conflict (probably with tinyportal)


Most likely. If possible send me a copy of your Sources/Search.php and I'll have a look. :)


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