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DC SMF Search Mod - an improvement search for smf forum (codename Zillarank)

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DC SMF Search is a mod to the existing smf forum search function.

It has been powering forum search on since July 04 2007, so you may want to give it try on our forum.

For illustrated demo, visit:


1. Significant reduction of missing results (now very rare)
2. Less noise and therefore reasonably better relevance
3. Hugely improved ranking algorithm (when using FullText index)
4. Enhanced phrase search
5. Intelligent handling for '(apostrophe), .(period), and –(dash)
6. Supports short keywords (3 characters or less)
7. Supports stopwords (clichés)
8. Active board ranking heuristic (based on mouser’s suggestion)
9. Expand/foldable result summary
10. Viewing all matching posts in a topic with one click
11. Ability to sort search results live
12. Quick dropdown search box


Works best with Search Settings (in admin panel):

1. Use FullText index (Search index -> FullText index)
2. Leave "Force the use of a search index" UNchecked
3. Leave "match whole words only" UNchecked
4. Maximum results to show: 0  (0: no limit)

Compatibility and Installation

Tested on SMF version 1.1.3. To install, use package manager in admin panel - Packages.


Author's personal opinion

DC SMF Search does not consume noticeably more resource than standard smf search.


One other note that wordzilla forgot to mention -- he is going to be improving this mod in upcoming weeks, so:

* make suggestions for other improvements you'd like to see
* please report any cases where it doesn't find something it should
* this is a beta, and new improved versions of this mod will be released regularly in next month so people who don't like the idea of re-installing this may want to wait until it becomes more stable

Yeah u were right mouser, just squashed a tiny bug  ;)   Fixed a minor bug concerning phrase exclusion, e.g. heat wave -"newsletter for"

btw, you don't have to go through steps to install/upgrade the mod, just copy the search.php in the package and replace the original/older one in Sources folder

New version uploaded (see attachment of the first message)   Fixed a missing results bug when query contains ' apostrophe

We are looking forwarding to submitting this mod to soon so that more SMFers get to use it -- your help is needed!  :)

A little background to this mod and why it has been temporarily removed from download for now:

Many of you know that the smf built in search functions are flawed -- users have been complaining about it not finding posts for a while.  After failing to get smf people to fix the search after almost a year of begging and pointing out the problems, wordzilla dove right in and spent some real time fixing them and improving them, and was looking forward to improving them even more.

I was so proud of the work that I went and posted to the smf forum and invited people to try it if they wanted;  after asking for a fix for so long and then sharing one i really thought there would be some genuine thanks and appreciation.  Instead we got a pretty rude note saying that the zip file with the fix contained a modified version of one of the files, which is illegal according to their licensing, and we need to remove it and only include the "diff" file or the issue would be "elevated").  For people like me who dont use the package installer, the rule against not including a patched file is harmfull, and the attitude of the smf post was just plain offensive.

So in protest i've asked wordzilla to remove his mod, and I will report on how this issue develops.  I hope it's just a little glitch that is cleared up and that once the smf developers see what's happening they will change their approach.  I'll post a follow up later.  If it stands, I will remove our other inline image mods as well and we will wash our hands of the matter.


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